KeKe Wyatt Blames Beef with Monifah over Being Biracial

Photo Credit: TV One
Photo Credit: TV One

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

KeKe Wyatt biracial? KeKe Wyatt and Monifah are on pretty bad terms this season of “R&B Divas Atlanta,” but KeKe says she thinks it’s all because she’s biracial, and since she’s the only biracial woman on the show, no one really understands her.

She tells Sister 2 Sister Magazine:

“Ain’t nothing I can do. I can’t change. I’m just going to be me. That’s a lot of the reason me and Monifah have been clashing.”



KeKe then goes on to say that she feels safe around other biracial people:

“Talk to other people [who are mixed race], they all say the same stuff. It’s like looking in the mirror. When I’m with them, I feel safe. I feel like ain’t nothing I can say that can make them be like, ‘What?!’ I do feel more understood by them for some reason or another.”




Monifah says she’s been clashing with KeKe because KeKe is a tad bit too sensitive.


  1. Umm NO KeKe. You don’t get along with Monifah and clash with everyone because you are too sensitive! You’re a grown woman with the attitude of a middle school girl. Grow up ma’am.

  2. KeKe has a lot of issues. I think it’s deeper than being biracial and she’s just using that as a crutch.

  3. Keke is why I don’t watch the show anymore. All those stupid faces she makes and the fact that she is always crying about something makes it hard to watch.

  4. It annoys the f-ck out of me when people try to blame their inability to get along with black people on being biracial. No boo, it’s your sh-tty personality, not you being biracial. KeKe is the least likable person on the show.

  5. She needs to stop! Maybe she can’t get along with anyone because she’s BIPOLAR,and not because she’s biracial. Sit down somewhere with that mess KeKe.

  6. I really hate that I missed last night’s episode. I actually really like KeKe. The faces, the funny voices….she’s funny. And she’s personable. And she can sing her butt off! But I do agree that she’s too sensitive. This goes all the way back to her being against going ANYWHERE without her husband. I doubt that has anything to do with being biracial. I hope she pulls it together though, because of all the girls, I really feel she has the most potential to still have a chance at this music thing….even if it’s on an Avant track. :-/

  7. LOL that’s funny I didn’t even know she was bi-racial. This chick is definitely buggin why more famous bi-racial swirl people don’t have that problem…..they say they actually fit in more with blk people especially the 1’s that look like they are just light skin blks #girlbye

  8. nooooooo keke its just because you have a problem with everything,cry over everything and who can take a grown a-s woman scrunching her face up all the time like you crazy…..or them crazy ass eyebrows dont make it no better on top of that. lawd…this lady said its because shes biracial lol

  9. Keke Wyatt is beautiful no matter what she talented is hell and is great for tv i love those silly faces and funny things she say im kinda that way myself and yes she may feel some type of way because she is the only biracial one on the show but i dont care what she is i enjoyed watching the show and i hope she’ll do another season because shes a joy to watch and yall know if she wasn’t on the show that sh-t wouldn’t be as good if good at all………..

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