DL Hughley Slams Columbus Short’s Wife, Gets Boycotted

Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Comedian DL Hughley is once again under fire for making some out of line comments. During a recent broadcast of his radio show, he actually decided to go after Columbus Short’s wife and he’s actually blaming her for filing a restraining order against the actor. He says:

“The star of one of the hottest dramas in the country, chokes the f*ck out of his wife? That doesn’t ever happen. I don’t think it happened first off. Like the time Warren Sapp was getting ready to do the Super Bowl and some broad said that he raped her. There are just as many examples of women lying on men in the middle of divorce proceedings to get what they want, as there are men who actually do anything. My point is if he did what she’s alleging he did, she could still get all that she’s going to have and not bring it up now, when it damages his market value that she’s going to be impacted by. If he loses that job nobody’s living in Calabasas anymore.

“I guarantee you, three years from now she’s going to be thinking, ‘D*mn, I should have shut the f*ck up.’ Cuz women always running out the mouth when they shouldn’t.”

He then calls Columbus’ wife out her name:

“I don’t hate women. I hate dumb b*tches. I hate women who act against their interests.”

Oh and he says it’s her fault he allegedly acted violently towards her too:

“When you’re very young, you’re very volatile. I’ve been in situations where the police were called. I don’t believe that every time someone says something in the heat of anger, they actually mean it. Everybody want a thug dude, a passionate dude, until you gotta live with your mother in an undisclosed location. You know what kind of dude you picked. Stop it.”



When DL’s ignorant comments went viral, a petition was created calling for a boycott and demanding that he makes a public apology. And that’s when he decided that what he said was ignorant. He released the following statement:

“Last week during an after-show segment of my radio show, The DL Hughley Show, I unintentionally offended some people. In regards to Columbus Short’s legal issues, I jumped to a conclusion and blamed Tanee McCall-Short; and I’m sorry. My intent was not to quiet victims.

“When I did speak of the topic on air, I repeatedly emphasized then, and as I do now, that anyone who is convicted of domestic violence, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law; and that is what I believe.”


  1. Who does DL think he is to call that lady a liar. Sir mind your business and tend to your own marriage. Life could be so simple if people learned to stop voicing their opinion on other people problems.

  2. He can keep that fake apology of his. Had he not have gotten so much backlash, he would not have even apologized. I’ll be glad when people stop giving him a platform to voice his ignorant opinions.

  3. Every woman wants a thug? Ok DL. Your ignorance and hate for black women is showing again.

  4. So instead of holding Columbus responsible for his past record of violence with multiple people, he’s just going to place all the blame on his wife. How stupid.

  5. If the judge keeps siding with Columbus’ wife, I think it’s fair to say she’s not making all of this up. Place the blame where it belongs.

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