Floyd Mayweather Puts Shantel Jackson on Blast

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We’d be lying to you if we said we weren’t anticipating Floyd Mayweather cutting up on social media when he saw photos of his ex-fiancee Shantel Jackson attending a Miami Heat game with Nelly.

And he has done just that.

Recently, the boxing champion got on Instagram and decided to spill the tea on why his relationship with Shantel is no more. And he claims it’s because she got terminated her pregnancy behind his back.

He posted the following before deleting it:

floyd mayweather instagram



In related news, Nelly took to Twitter to deny that he’s dating Shantel:

nelly twitter

If they aren’t dating, perhaps they shouldn’t post photos like these on Instagram:

shantel and nelly

Shantel claims Nelly is just a friend, but she hasn’t responding to Floyd’s accusations as of yet.


  1. Why on earth did he even put this on Instagram? There are just some things that should remain private. Floyd really needs to get himself together. He always acts like a scorned lover.

    1. Agreed. But that is how Floyd operates. He likes to embarrass people that don’t do what he wants them to do. he has some major control issues.

  2. Goodness…talk about a man scorned. It’s not my place to say whether abortion is right or wrong but I will say that It’s not cool for something private to be public. Dang Floyd

  3. Sheesh. Well these two need to just move on. It just seems like they are just trying to hurt each other at this point.

  4. I’m not saying it’s ok to kill babies, but I think this is one of the reasons she did what she did. He has no respect for her or his baby mama. Just maybe Shantel is tired of dealing with his immature and spiteful ways.

  5. This is why women should do for themselves and stop dealing with BS just because a man has money. Floyd thinks he owns Shantel and now that she’s gone, he is trying to destroy her. Public humiliation is a sign that he was abusive in the relationship. He’s a sick person.

    1. Well he probably was abusive and he plans to be emotionally abusive towards her on social media until he shames her into coming back to him. I hope she doesn’t go back because life is too short to be unhappy.

  6. Smh. Floyd has some serious issues. This should have been kept in house. And that is me being real and transparent here. I’m not even a fan of Shantel but this is wrong.

  7. Well maybe she didn’t want to have babies with a man child because that is actually what Floyd is.

  8. It’s her body though. She can take in consideration what he wants but he can’t force her to have his kids if she didn’t want to. He needs to get over himself and leave her be. All this putting her on blast won’t make her come back. It just reminds her why she left in the first place.

  9. I understand being salty… but this is a bit too much. Floyd is dead wrong for this. Dead. Wrong.

  10. Damn Floyd acts like he’s in high school. What grown man puts this kind of info out for the whole world to know? Man up Floyd.

  11. Floyd been acting like a real b-tch all day! He puts up things about her and then takes them down! If you’re going to put somebody on front street atleast be man enough to stand by what you broadcast! I’ve never liked him and now I know why!

  12. Floyd been acting like a real b-tch all day! He puts up things about her and then takes them down! If you’re going to put somebody on front street atleast be man enough to stand by what you broadcast! I’ve never liked him and now I know why!

  13. Floyd is so heartbroken that he is trying to tear Shantel down to heal the pain. All he’s doing is showing her why she can never go back to him. Grow up Floyd.

  14. There is not enough money in the world to make me want to deal with a childish “man” like Floyd Mayweather. No wonder Shantel wants nothing to do with him. He can’t even handle a breakup like an adult.

  15. I think that was a very smart move for Shantel he had already said he could not be monogamous so why Bring up a child in a bunch of fighting and arguing, just to more likely end up being a broken home! That money ain’t mean nothing to her cause she would still be with him knocked up while he still out doing what he wants! People kill me always wanting the Picasso but wanna draw it with crayons! This is life if he really wanted them kids he would have put in the work that was needed to keep them!

  16. Her and Nelly look good together! Mayweather aside, how is Ashanti holding on??? This is pure Days of Our Lives type of saga right here!

  17. This trick killed this man’s babies……….hello……….what woman does that behind a man’s back. She should have kept her legs closed and taken birth control. This man in hurt. She killed his two babies. If she didn’t want them, she should have had them and gave him full custody. She should be put on blast with her trashy a-s. Floyd was good to her.

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