Lil Mo Reveals Why She Left Her Husband

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Why did Lil Mo and her husband split? Lil Mo confirmed weeks ago that she is on her second failed marriage but now she’s finally revealing just what made her call her marriage to Phillip Bryant off.

And according to the reality star and R&B singer, it was him cheating on her.

She says she learned of his unfaithful ways when they had a “minaj.” Apparently he acted as if he had already slept with the woman before. She tells The Breakfast Club:

“Yeah, by his choice. They go, ‘You married, you can have a football team’. So, I was like ‘Yo, I think he really rockin’ with joint’. Cuz you know, when you get new smash [as a woman], you know you like hunch up. I said, ‘Oh this…’ When you don’t move, it means, it’s convenient…you been here before.

“No, I’m not doing that no more.”



Lil Mo also reveals that she also got pregnant by her estranged husband around the time she realized the marriage was over. She decided to terminate the pregnancy. When asked if her current boyfriend is just a rebound, she says:

“No, cuz rebounds happen right after the situation. My situation been dead since like last May. Even though the show aired in July…I tell you real, on May 5th I had to get an abortion…Like I was pregnant again…Are you kidding me? He just kept trying to get me pregnant…and do dumb stuff so I can be…

“I had to because my son wasn’t even one…so just like health reason. I had a cesarian. It was just too much scar tissue. They was like ‘Yo, you’ll die.'”

Check out the video below:


    1. Let me help you out boo LOL. What she was trying to say is her and her husband were having a threesome with a woman and she noticed he wasn’t awkward like he had already slept with her before. They say when a man usually invites someone new to the bedroom, there’s a bit of awkwardness at first. But it wasn’t and it led her to believe he had already knew and slept with the woman alone before the threesome happened (he cheated).

  1. Another R&B singer whose obsession with “keeping it real” will hurt what is left of her career.

  2. These people are doing everything they can to secure that the reality show checks don’t stop coming in. She was not this extra before. Is she this pressed for attention?

  3. She looks and behaves like a clown. I wonder when she will finally figure out that people are laughing at her and now with her.

  4. I want to understand why she is ok with her new boyfriend walking around in his underwear in front of her kids.

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