Kevin Hart and Mike Epps Twitter Beef, Again

Photo Credit: Instagram/Screen Gems/Will Packer Productions
Photo Credit: Instagram/Screen Gems/Will Packer Productions

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kevin Hart and Mike Epps Twitter beef, again? Kevin Hart is having the career of a lifetime right now considering the comedian is keeping the movie roles lined up, and not everyone is happy about it.

Fellow comedian Mike Epps said this morning during a radio interview that he feels Kevin is overrated and doesn’t deserve all the opportunities he’s been getting.

When asked to name one overrated comedian, he tells K 104:

“One overrated comedian? Kevin Hart.

“In this business right here, sometimes marketing can be bigger than talent. And this business is not about being funny. This business is about being forced on people. You can be forced on people or you can be really, really funny.

“If the business was about being funny, wouldn’t none of these suckas be in it. If business was based on being handsome, everybody who’s rich is ugly.”

Kevin hopped on Twitter and responded to Kevin’s comments and he didn’t hold anything back (read tweets from bottom to top):

kevin hart twitter

He even had something to say in a video he posted to Instagram too:

Hey @eppsie don’t wake up this monster pimp. If you want me to be honest, I’m showing you what you should of did when you had your shot at success!!!! Oooooh Killlleeeemmmm…. You do clubs & small theaters… I DO ARENA’S man. You do small movies….I DO MOTION PICTURES & SEQUELS!!! So go pick a fight with somebody in ur league like CHUCKY DUCKY or somebody…no offense CHUCKY DUCKY!!! #WhyHateWhenYouCanCongradulate #ItsMoneyOutHereForEverybody #IFYoUSaySometHingAboutMeImGoingToSaySomethingBack #HeWokeUpAmonsterFollow

Mike Epps responded on Twitter not too long after (read tweets from bottom to top):

mike epps twitter 2

mike epps twitter

Kevin ended the Twitter beef with these two tweets (read from bottom to top):

kevin hart twitter 2

Check out Mike’s interview below:


  1. Both of them are overrated to me and not that funny. So…yeah. I’d take Katt Williams and Dave Chappelle over both of these fools. LOL.

  2. Again? Kevin needs to take a page out of Beyonce’s book. When people come for you and they aren’t as successful for you, don’t even respond. Let your success speak for itself. The fact that he made videos and all these tweet responses makes him look insecure.

  3. I think the both of them look silly here. I do think Mike Epps is a bit jealous by Kevin’s success, but I don’t think Kevin is all that funny either.

  4. Real talk, why didn’t Kevin come after Katt Williams like this after Katt shaded him? I guess he knows who to go after.

  5. Mike seems jealous but Kevin isn’t that funny. Neither one of them do it for me so I could careless.

  6. Two unfunny comedians Twitter beefing? Yeah. I’ll definitely sit this one out. *exits post*

  7. No matter how you feel about Kevin, you’d be lying if you didn’t admit Mike Epps is hating. And hating hard.

  8. Kevin is way to arrogant for me. In my opinion Mike Epps is way funnier! I don’t think he lying about how Kevin got his success either.

  9. Well Mike is entitled to his opinion, even if he is jealous. But Kevin can’t keep talking like his success won’t reach an end point at some point. That’s fame. Here today, gone tomorrow. He needs to humble himself.

  10. Both of them are in their feelings. One is jealous and the other is insecure about his abilities.

  11. I like Mike Epps but clearly he’s hating and that’s never cool. I agree with the poster who said Kevin needs to take a page fr the bey and just keep it moving. Especially when he’s winning.

  12. He might sound like he is hating but Mike sure did tell the truth.. Kevin is so overrated. Can he go without screaming the world B-tches in his Instagram vids? He needs to stay humble because a comedic career sure doesn’t last forever ask Chris Tucker..

  13. Like every1 else said Mike does sound like a hater but it’s truth in what he is saying as we’ll. Kevin is overrated like I don’t think he’s all that funny and most of the time he tries too hard… throwing himself on the floor and shyt like STOP Mike ain’t that funny neither they both do the same unfunny shyt. Mike just mad Kevin took his unfunniness further…..cuz Kevin is more of a clown than Mike smh at this beef

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