More RHOA Season Seven Casting Tea

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kenya Moore loudly demanded for Porsha Williams to be fired after Porsha dragged her on the floor by her tresses embarrassingly at the reunion show, but the public outcry to save Porsha was so thick that RHOA producer Andy Cohen had to ban props and even admit that Kenya provoked Porsha.

So it makes sense that Porsha’s fate went from bleak to uncertain.

Even NeNe Leakes told Atlanta radio station V-103 that she fully expects all the ladies to return next season, and now it appears that the rumor mill might be singing the same tune.

In fact, production sources tell blogger Straight From The A that Kenya Moore did not get her wish and Porsha will be coming back for season seven. Sources also tell the blog that Sheree is in talks to return and the wife of an Atlanta Hawks player is in talks to get a peach.

SFTA writes:

So to reiterate…

1. No one is getting fired. All season 6 cast mates are said to be returning for season 7.

2. Bravo is definitely considering bringing back former ‘housewife’ Sheree Whitfield, but her pride may be a deciding factor being that they are unwilling to pay her much (if anything).

3. Kim Zolciak was asked to return but she said no…

4. Valeisha Butterfield-Jones is in the top running to be the newest housewife to hold a peach…




Now of course none of this has been confirmed as of yet by Bravo, so we can only label this as gossip for now.


  1. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If they had a record breaking season, why not bring everyone back? It’s not rocket science. So this makes sense if it’s true.

  2. Kenya will have a fit if Bravo reminds her she isn’t the queen of anything. She really thought Porsha would be gone because she said so.

    1. So does NeNe. She wanted Cynthia gone. I won’t be surprised if they kiss and make up though.

    1. It sure is. But I can’t lie. Sheree, NeNe and Kenya? Oh, that will be an awesome season. LOL.

  3. So the rumors about Sheree may be true after all. I’d love it if she returned. She’s the only one that can get NeNe together. The only one.

  4. I hope this is true. I think at this point there’s so much drama that went down that it would only make sense to bring everyone back so some chapters can be closed. Then they can make some big changes in season eight.

  5. Well I meant what I said on here. I will not be watching if Porsha is fired. Kenya was just as wrong as Porsha was for what happened. If she’s the only one punished, I’m done with the show.

  6. I don’t mind if everyone comes back. But Sheree? That would be very interesting to watch. I honestly don’t think she cares for NeNe or Kenya.

  7. Yeah I thought it was fishy that Sheree was on WWHL twice I think in the last two years. It’s kind of like Andy left the door opened. And she can humble NeNe and I can see them bringing her back to bring NeNe down a few notches.

  8. Yeah the backlash was something they didn’t plan for. They really thought people were going to ride for Kenya and blame Porsha. I knew Andy was starting to shift in his opinion of Porsha when he banned the props. That was a sign that she would probably be back next season. Well then I say good for her. Porsha may not be so dumb after all Kenya. I mean she did manage to turn the situation around to her advantage. Not only is she one of the more popular people on the show now, but her job was most likely saved. Well played.

  9. Sheree may have been able to get NeNe together several seasons ago when the playing field was more even, but outside of the typical childish back-and-forth what ammo does she have? I’m more interested in Ms. Valeisha. I’m glad that most of the ladies are returning but I’m still on the fence about tuning in.

  10. Sheree may’ve been able to stand up to Nene but she was as delusional as Kenya is. Fake house, fake car, fake fashion, fake beds (air mattress). Sheree brought nothing to the table but her dislike for her ex. Don’t care to have her back at all.

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