Teyana Taylor’s NBA Ex Tries to Embarrass Her

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

NBA player Brandon Jennings is trying his hardest to distance himself from his ex-girlfriend Teyana Taylor.

And that’s because he’s now “engaged” to Nelly’s ex-girlfriend Tae Heckard. Apparently the new couple got serious so fast that he’s trying to forget he was ever with Teyana Taylor.

When Teyana’s friends called out Tae for dating Brandon despite her friendship with Teyana, Brandon decided to stand up for his boo by putting his ex Teyana down on Twitter.

Despite all the cozy photos that can be found of him and Teyana looking mighty serious in Google Image Search, Brandon is now saying that what he had with Teyana was just a fling.

He tweets (read tweets from bottom to top):

brandon jennings twitter

Teyana did clap back on Twitter when she learned of Brandon’s tweets:

teyana taylor twitter

Interestingly enough, Brandon tried to holler at Teyana’s other friend Karrueche Tran not too long ago. She decided to pass.


  1. Well then he must not really be over Teyana because if he was he wouldn’t be going out his way to hurt her feelings. That’s the behavior of a scorned man and he’s not even ready to be engaged to someone else.

  2. Oh please. He’s such an attention whore. He has been trying his hardest to become relevant and get blog coverage for a while now. He will not marry Tae. As soon as he can get someone more famous, he’s out of there. Smh.

  3. She needs to stop giving Brandon any attention. I really feel like he’s just trolling her. He tried to get with a few of her friends and Tae is the only dummy who obliged.

  4. They will not get married. Brandon’s real love is attention and fame. Once he finds out a way to get more of that and upgrade to someone who is at least on the B list, he will. That is what this is all about. If he can get a R&B singer, he will leave Tae in a heartbeat.

  5. Why sweat a man who never even wanted to claim you Teyana? Let him fall on his own and use this as motivation to get money and do well in life. His little 2 million dollar a season contract ain’t sh-t anyway.

  6. All this recycling of partners they are doing is gross. All of them need to be tested for STDs.

  7. LOL @ him fronting like Tae is such an upgrade from Teyana! They are both nobodies and ratchet as hell! At least Serge Ibaka can pull a C lister like Keri Hilson. This is the best you can do Brandon? LMAO!

  8. Lol I hate men like him! Reminds me of my ex! We broke up, a day later he gets with some extra ghetto project clown who’s 10 yrs my senior. gets on IG all day and throws shade! Posts madd pics of his “happy” new life and his loving “loyal”. ” wife” that he just started dating… what Brandon is doing is putting in his mind is that his relationship with teayana was not real even though everyone could see it was! So he can feel better abt his current relationship. How can someone you just atarted dating make “you grow’ that takes time and building, getting past the lust/ honeymoon stage! I have a feeling Tae will leave Brandon… he needs to grow up,

  9. I feel bad for Teyana but she has to learn that this guy isn’t for her. I’d happily let him be Tae’s problem now. He seems very immature.

  10. Teyana is beautiful young lady. She needs to stop chasing these athletes and focus on herself. When the time is right, she will meet the right person and laugh at herself for ever giving Brandon the time of day.

  11. Brandon is just trying to get under her skin as usual. I give this relationship until December. Once the blogs stop caring, he’ll be on to the next.

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