Columbus Short Gets Even with Estranged Wife

Photo Credit: ABC
Photo Credit: ABC

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Columbus Short’s legal troubles regarding his estranged wife are responsible for his firing from ABC’s hit show “Scandal,” so it makes sense that the actor is scrambling to try to save his image and prove to people that his wife isn’t as innocent as she claims.

In fact, the actor sent in video footage of his estranged wife assaulting one of his female friends to TMZ. The site reports:

Here’s the back story … Columbus was arrested for domestic violence for an incident at his house February 18 … accused of beating his wife Tanee McCall (the woman on top in the video).

The next day — after Columbus bailed out of jail — he asked his friend Tilly Key to come to his house to pick him up. We’re told Tanee went ballistic when she saw Tilly in the house, and that’s when Tanee attacked.

Tilly wanted TMZ to post the video, to show Tanee is violent and even threatened her life.


Tilly tells TMZ that the beating was so severe that she suffered a concussion, multiple contusions, a lumbar sprain, a lumbar strain and a cervical strain.

Check out the video which TMZ claims was filmed by Columbus Short:


  1. So…how does him sitting there and filming his friend get beat up make him look any better? Just asking.

  2. Sigh…this man just doesn’t get it. This is not damage control. It only makes the BOTH of them look crazy now. He really sat there and watched his wife beat on someone he claimed is a friend? What kind of man is he? This is gross.

  3. I’m not sure how this helps his image and makes people want to work with him. If anything it further confirms that he has too much drama going on in his life to hire.

  4. This is why you don’t marry someone you have a toxic relationship with. I feel bad for their kids because it’s sad when parents can’t get over themselves and be mature enough to do what’s right.

  5. Any casting director that reads this will not want to book Columbus Short for any roles. Right now Hollywood is going to be against working with him because his personal life is not in order. Putting this out doesn’t make him look innocent, it makes him look worse because number one, he was the one sitting back and recording a violent act without breaking it up. And number two, it looks like a petty setup. The woman on the floor wasn’t even trying to fight back. She was in on it too. All of them are sick people who need to grow up.

  6. I hate to see grownups acting like they are in high school. Anyway, Columbus has the most to lose. He needs to just end the marriage and stop the madness.

  7. setp-up or not, if he’d tried to break it up maybe she would have spun it into another abuse charge.

  8. They need to leave each other alone and just accept that the marriage is over. This is stupid and both of them are out here looking foolish.

  9. What the hell does this prove? For all we know, this coulda been some chick he was screwing in their house. F*ck outta here with that

  10. Okay that was whack when did he realize he should tape his wife beating some bish and telling her to get out of the house, and then he wasn’t even helping and the bish on the floor wasn’t even try a fight back like SERIOUSLY!!!! Who are they fooling?

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