Erica Dixon Calls out Mimi Faust

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mimi Faust’s publicity stunt in the form of a raunchy video with Nikko has gotten her slammed something serious on social media, but it appears even her fellow “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” stars feel she pulled a bad move and ultimately the whole thing makes her look a bit selfish.

In fact, Erica Dixon recently told Hello Beautiful that she thinks it was a selfish move for the mother to a little girl to pull:

“Just disappointed and I didn’t like it. I think it was a very selfish act. Mimi’s her own person and makes her own decisions and she has to live with them not me. I am just going to support her because know a lot of negativity is going to come behind it. I’m there if she needs me.”


  1. I agree with her. It was selfish. And Mimi is such a bird. She’s so desperate to have a storyline.

  2. I agree with Erica. Mimi is looking at short term D-list notoriety but she will have to explain this to her daughter one day and probably sooner than she thinks. These kids are growing up fast and know more at a younger age than they should.

  3. Reality TV has these people doing just about anything. But when fame and a quick buck is all you want, you won’t even think about how your choices will affect your kids.

  4. Erica my have given Scrappy too many second chances but at least she isn’t out here doing porn for a storyline. IJS.

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