Jackie Christie Comes for Draya

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Draya and Jackie Christie beef worsens? Jackie Christie and Draya are no longer on good terms, and that is pretty much a result of Jackie urging her daughter Chantel Christie to use her brief text message relationship with Orlando Scandrick as a way to get some camera time.

Although Jackie originally said that she believes Draya is a great mother despite the harsh criticism she receives for alleged past mistakes, she is now calling her out.

She tells the Hip Hop Socialite:

“Draya’s comment about me not going hard for my daughter [stemming from what happened between Jackie and Chantel last season] is ludicrous. Everybody know that that’s one thing about Jackie Christie is Jackie Christie loves her family – you don’t f*cking around with my family. There’s been certain situations where people have done things to and with my family, but if you notice, it was never harmful to them physically, violent or anything else or they would have seen how hard I go.

“Secondly, Draya is not any type of a woman to speak about any other mother and their child when she still has not addressed the fact that she left her son in a room full of feces, drug paraphernalia, dirty underwear and everything else, and still has not came to the forefront to say, ‘you know what, I did it, I f*cked up, and I’m sorry’. That’s all I ever told her to do. I’ve been like a big sister to Draya, I’ll continue to mentor her as long as she’s around. She’s comes from a very hard background, and all I ever tried to do is help her. So for her to make a comment about me and my daughter’s relationship is silly. I love Chantel, and I will always ride for her and all of my children, period.”


  1. Jackie annoys me like no other. She really can’t talk about anyone else’s parenting when her own kids can’t stand her.

  2. Why won’t she say these things to Draya’s face though because when she’s in Draya’s face, she’s kissing her butt.

  3. But didn’t she just say Draya was a great mom? Pick a side and stay there Jackie.

  4. Worry about your own parenting failures Jackie. The things you keep doing to your grown children are mosre disgusting than what Draya did to her son. And she’s grown while you’re still a very sh-tty mom.

  5. I don’t know what it is Draya did to these girls, but she has them all hella pressed. If she was a nobody before, this season has definitely kicked her up a few notches on the D-list totem pole.

  6. Jackie you need to sit your ole a** down somewhere and hang out with women your own age, cuz you know the sh**t you be pulling will not fly

  7. Jackie Christie is… I can’t think of one word to adequately describe her. She needs to grow the hell up !

  8. This grown a-s lady is so annoying I don’t even knw how any of them tolerated her this long. She needs to stop and give it up. Stop trying to be friends wit people cuz u not good at it and just focus on being a better person and establish a better relationship wit her kids. Oh and get some meds cuz she is obviously bi-polar

  9. Notice how Jackie always insults Draya to the point of no return then always follow up with comments like “She’s my little sister, I’ll still mentor her, I love her, etc etc…

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