Kenya Moore Now Regrets Being on RHOA + New Man Revealed?

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kenya Moore African prince boyfriend revealed? The final part of the RHOA reunion for season six aired last night, but apparently social media was buzzing hours prior because Kenya was spotted on the campus of Harvard yesterday walking around with a mystery man.

One of our readers sent us the following photo:

kenya moore african prince

Apparently this photo is from this tweet:

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 5.53.05 PM

Could this mystery man be Kenya’s boo? Only time will tell but our reader seems to think this man is CEO of Sahara Group Tonye Cole and he’s reportedly a married man.

He’s very well-educated and he’s the head of a major oil company. Apparently he was invited to Harvard to speak and Kenya reportedly accompanied him on his trip.

We’ll see if any more news surrounding this possible relationship comes out soon. Either way, Kenya did say that she has no plans to bring her new man on RHOA because it ruins relationships.

In related news, Kenya obviously knew that part three of the reunion would be her worst because hours before that verbal slaying she got from Phaedra Parks aired, she tweeted what appeared to be her admittance that she was beginning to regret her time on RHOA:

kenya moore twitter

Update: More details about Kenya’s alleged very married boyfriend have been revealed. Read here.


  1. Whatever Kenya, maybe she was helping him with his bags. I don’t believe word one that chick has to say. And Kenya, sorry to tell you my dear but Phadera knocked you the f*c out last nite. *TKO* You had nothing chile, NOTHING!!!! Let your 5 fans twirl on that!

    1. Hater! Obviously you don’t know this man personally to assume the worst of a relationship without knowing. It’s so easy for low life social media to hide behind computers and trash people. Especially a black woman who was on a show to entertain. Shame on you.

      1. Chile, get a life and stop trying to live Kenya’s. You and the other 4 members of Team Twirl are delusional as hell, just like your Lord and Master. By the way, go read a book and expand your vocabulary beyond the word ‘hater’. That ish is played out!

  2. LOL now who in Team Twirl sent UB this? Kenya just stop it. You’re trying to deflect everyone from that epic dragging you got at the reunion. I told people you need the props and the moment you had to give them up, your lack of witty comebacks would be exposed.

    1. If anyone was dragged it was Phaedra and Apollo, Kenya seemed bored of the topic before Phaedra could even speak on it..the texts are soooo last year’s reunion, why is it dragging on?? Anyone with intelligence a little more than Porsha can clearly see that Kenya was the scapegoat of Apollo not wanting to speak about his LEGAL troubles. He plead guilty today to why should we believe a fradulent convict who steals other’s identities..and Fakedra..who is constantly shown disrespect by this man, I wish my husband would tell me to walk home on National TV..yeah he was hugging all up on her, because he needs that canteen money, and visit, LOL!!! On the other hand, I can see why Kenya is so protective of this man’s identity, since it’s another Kim…a married sugar daddy.

      1. Girl goodbye. Kenya got dragged verbally so bad, she couldn’t do anything but sit there and shut down. For someone who claims they are the best at fighting with their words, she shouldn’t have been speechless. And she wasn’t bored, she was defeated and her eyes were watery with embarrassment. She was quiet on Twitter until Apollo plead guilty because she knew she lost at the reunion. You Team Twirl people can miss me with the weak attempts of deflection and damage control. I’m not stupid or gullible. And PS. Kenya isn’t that much better than Phaedra. Screwing married men and being a well known mistress for years to married athletes doesn’t make her much better than any of the others bums on the show. She’s trash too.

        1. I swear, Team Twirl has been running up and down all the blogs doing damage control. Aren’t you all tired at this point? Kenya lost, big time. Accept it and move on.

      2. just because you have been convicted of a crime don’t mean anything there a lot of people in the world has committed crimes but never got caught everyone constantly stating something about Apollo but Kenya wanted to have him.

  3. Who knows. Kenya lies so much I still have no clue who she really is. Anyway, Phaedra ethered her. It was embarrassing. I thought she was going to cry. It all went downhill with her when Apollo came out. Everyone had some words for her except Cynthia. Even Peter got her together over the Pillow Talk thing. Kenya is out of her league.

  4. I knew he had to be a married man. Now common sense is Kenya wouldn’t show off her man because he’s married. Especially when she showed off her fake relationship to Walter with no shame.

  5. On the real, I think Kenya needs to just leave the show. None of the women really like her except Cynthia and she’s made a fool out of herself because she used to be Miss USA. RHOA is not the place for her. This show has been a bad look for her since season five. She needs to call Vanessa Williams and get some pointers because this ain’t it.

  6. Phaedra may have demolished Kenya with her words last night, but Kenya is still in a much better place than Phaedra because she’s not married to an ex con who will be going back to prison soon. While Phaedra will have to become a single mom and raise her kids alone during Apollo’s latest jail stint, Kenya is traveling with a wealthy CEO with not a single care. She wins.

    1. So winning is going from Miss USA to little guest appearances on Martin, In the House, Girlfriends not show regulars but saying like 2 lines on those shows. Starring in straight to dvd movies now to acting like a fool on reality tv show. Yup she is clearly winning. *rolls eyes get back to my work*

    2. I think you may be even more delusional than Kenya is. You can tell by this tweet that all the BS aside, she knows she could have done way better in her life. That is why she didn’t tweet during the reunion. She can see the writings on the wall clearly. Be real with yourself.

    3. My dear if Kenya was really winning, she wouldn’t even be on this show. You want to see where Kenya wishes she could be? Take a look at Vanessa Williams’ resume. You’re welcome.



    6. Yes, Kenya could be married too if she sit outside Prison and wait on an ex-con to be released… they aint picky. Ask Phaedra!

      1. Nah it’s hard to get married when you’re too busy f-cking married men. Kenya has been a married man chaser for over 25 years. Nice try though.

  7. ANOTHER RENTAL!!…he looks the part..& not a LOOKER…Last NITE, I luv that she got shut down a few times…ALL SEASON..SHE HAD MORE MOUTH..THEN A HIPPO GOT A-S..& was speechless after a few of the ladies, got w/her….FROM ONE DAM THONG TO ANOTHER….

  8. A well deserved dragging by Phaedra and it was a long time coming. I want Kenya stans to pay attention how she refuses to get combative with anyone she doesn’t view as a weak link. Kenya really showed how weak person she is I thought she fights with her words. Where was her words against Phaedra? BLOOP!

  9. Kenya just needs to hang it up and not return next season. This is the second reunion she got bodied at. And I mean this year she actually got dragged physically and verbally. Bish you ain’t from Detroit getting shut down like this…hell naw. LOL!

  10. I had to turn back in my Team Twirl card after last night. Kenya said she fights with her words but she ain’t have not one last night when everyone was getting her together. I can’t stan for anyone who can’t at least remind Phaedra that her husband is going back to jail soon and she will be in Kenya’s shoes in a few months…basically single. It’s like Kenya just gave up. And she will go on WWHL and talk some rehearsed shade because she can’t think on her feet. Kenya get it together. You have to get some wit if you’re going to stay on RHOA.

    1. what a joke…Pheadra will never be in Kenya’s shoes…she is the money maker in the relationship, not Apollo…even if and when he goes to jail she will be just fine…maybe even better

  11. The only person Kenya can handle verbally is Porsha. She can’t go toe to toe with NeNe, Phadra, Kandi and hell even Cynthia could get her together. I was actually embarrassed for Kenya last night. And then the husbands came in and landed the extra blows. They tag teamed her and she was not ready. Now she wants to be the queen so bad, but she doesn’t understand that she needs people in her corner to wear the crown. Now they may not love NeNe but they respect her enough to click up with her and take down Kenya. That says a lot. Kenya’s whole strategy is falling apart in front of our very eyes. And even Porsha has outsmarted her. What happened to your intellect Kenya? LOL.

  12. Phaedra read her like a textbook last night. I can’t even get the verbal dragging out my head this morning.

  13. I honestly think everyone came together except Peter and Cynthia and agreed to unite to take down Kenya. And I’m not even mad because she finally got the nastiness she’s been giving everyone else. It’s been a long time coming. Now she has to ask herself if the show is worth it. Because I know she’s drained and she’s embarrassed. If she’s as fabulous as she claims to be, she won’t return next season because it’s only going to get worse for her. The day she decided to make NeNe an enemy I knew it would get ugly for her. She tried the wrong one. NeNe will not give up her crown without a fight. And I don’t think it’s worth the taking.

  14. It’s been a very draining and negative season. I’m glad the show is over now. I don’t even know if I can watch next season. Too many low blows coming from all directions now.

  15. Kenya loves to say NeNe can dish it but can’t take it, but the same thing can be said about her. All season she’s been throwing low blows but when it was her turn to receive some low blows, she was quiet as a mouse. I know it didn’t feel good. But she deserved what she got from Phaedra and more. People are tired of trying to be the bigger person with Kenya. It’s time to give her what she gives everyone else. Pure nastiness.

  16. So if she has a wealthy businessman, why is she still on RHOA? Why not network with him and get a better opportunity? Makes no sense.

  17. I said from day one that Kenya was making a huge mistake being on this show. And I’ll be damned if she didn’t just validate my view last night. She got dragged physically and verbally at the reunion, the acting roles still aren’t coming in, her image has been tarnished and now she has no allies on the show except weak Cynthia. She tried to come for NeNe’s crown and failed miserably. How many more L’s does Kenya plan to take just to get an extra 5 minutes of relevance?

  18. I have no sympathy for Kenya. And I fully expect her to try to get some brownie points on WWHL and save face with one liners she had to get from the blogs and Twitter again. She cannot come up with her own comebacks and think on her feet.

  19. Now she’s having second thoughts? That’s why I can’t see it for Kenya Moore, she is a coward. She back peddled on nearly every issue they aired last night. I will definitely skip her one on one with Andy because she had a chance to say what she needed on the reunion. I would not be surprised if that is her mystery man and it won’t surprise me if he is married. She has a reputation for being with married and it started before RHOA.

    That entire reunion was a mess. I honestly miss those fun moments where the ladies are able to coexist and have a good time. Bravo may have the ratings on lock for rhoa but all this drama has made the show exhausting and foolish.

    1. You can tell who is Team Twirl because all of you have the same victim mentality Kenya has.

      1. Exactly. They are all in their feelings because Kenya got her a-s handed to her last night. They weren’t ready for it. Had Kenya been the one doing the dragging, they’d be on here talking sh-t and beaming with pride. Nothing but phonies. All of them.

  20. O…Waiting to hear how the CHARITY CHALLENGE GOES… WILL SHE REALLY MATCH NENE’s 20k….

    1. ….and calling for Security. Like they were going to save her from the verbal a*s whopping she received.

  21. All Kenya can do is talk over people and avoid answering questions. She’s a coward in real life and she’s only about that life in confessionals and on Twitter.

  22. LOL, that Kenya is a pure MESS!! Kenya went and found her a man to say she got a man!!!

  23. LMAO that clip was everything…I never really got into the show but UB keeps me updated. But from what I’ve seen and read about Kenya I’m going to say she deserved what she got, and if that man of hers is really with her that he won’t stay around long.

  24. Damn phaedra brought her library card last nite! And read kenya for Filth! I can’t believe how she got kenya together and kenya said NOTHING! even the husbands read her lol… #teamtwirl is not winning!

  25. If this is her man and he is married, Phaedra will not let her hear the end of it. I hope she prepares herself because the “whores” she will get from Phaedra now will even worse.

  26. So Kenya has never been married because she’s too busy sleeping with married men. Typical.

  27. If SHE ONLY DATES MARRIED MEN, of course you will never see old or new pics of her w/her boo, like she loves to say. Married men don’t usually take red carpet pictures with their mistress. She was also allen iversons mistress, this I know for sure. Go home wrecker, its just not cute.

  28. I love Kenya!!! She brings what we all drama if she wasn’t on the show it would have been YAWNS!

  29. If he’s married, this pretty much means she still doesn’t have a man. Sharing one doesn’t count.

  30. This sounds about right. And that’s why she has never been seen with any other men before. They were all married probably.

  31. Kenya is not ready to be the queen of the franchise. She let Phaedra demolish her. She needs to learn how to be quick and witty if she wants NeNe’s throne.

  32. If he’s really married, there’s not much wrong with it since Polygamy is part of Nigerian culture.

    1. Stop it. Not all Nigerians practice polygamy. A good percentage of them are Christians and believe in monogamy. Damn it read a book Team Twirl. I swear y’all make an excuse for everything this woman does but y’all call out everyone else for the dirt they do. Sit.

    2. And if he was proud to have her on the side, why has he been hiding her? Why has she been hiding him? Does that sound like an open polygamist to you? Smh.

    3. Ok. So what’s Team Twirl’s excuse for all the AMERICAN married men she has slept with over the years? I’ll wait.

    4. So Kenya (who y’all claim is so fabulous and intelligent) is ok with being a number 2? That’s the best she can do huh. Oh.

  33. I hope Kenya is not dating a married man. If so I will lose a lot of respect for her and she’s my favorite. Smh.

  34. This bish is PATHETIC she can’t even get her own man. It’s really sad…..she is lucky that she just got a lil dragged by her hair from Porsha and then verbally dragged by Phaedra,……we’ll shyt you knw what Phaedra really hurt her wit that drag she have her talking about the Camelot baby daddy…That was like a kick in the stomach and a punch in the throat at the same damn time and before that Apollo dragged her and she said NOTHING. Kenya needs to quit. No 1 knew of how much of an old THOT she was until she got on this show…and we didn’t knw of her fckd up attitude neither. She really fckd up her life.she just better go back to school and get a career outside of show biz…..that is all

  35. Damn Kenya’ s name be on everybody’s mouth…she must be doing something right for y’all to be talking about her. Y’all eat sleep and talk about Kenya. She can’t even walk in the street with anybody without somebody assuming some mess about her. Phaedra hate this girl, but Kenya ain’t married to her, she need to check her criminal husband. Many in America use the sperm bank to have a baby, at least they didn’t choose a felon fresh from prison like fakedra.

    1. Girl bye. Kenya hasn’t had any major success since winning Miss USA 20 years ago. She’s trying so hard to outdo NeNe that she’s ruined her image and the white media is still referring to her as “Kendra Moore.” They didn’t know who she was until Porsha dragged her across the floor at the reunion like a rag doll. To be 100% real, the only reality star who is actually doing something right is Kim Kardashian. She’s on magazine covers, she’s one of the most famous women in the world, she gets movie roles, she’s filthy rich, owns successful businesses and she rubs elbows with A listers. Chick was at the Met Ball last night while Kenya was where again?

      Kenya is losing. While you’re so busy pointing out what’s wrong with Phaedra’s life, let’s talk about what’s wrong in Kenya’s life. Number one, going from Miss USA to RHOA is a big downgrade. She should have been able to have a legitimate acting career like Vanessa Williams, but she could never get anything more than one liners in box office movies and starring roles in straight to DVD movies.

      She’s the ultimate side chick. Kenya’s resume of banging married men is so long that it’s pathetic. Even now, she’s still messing around with a married man. Why can’t she ever be more than someone’s mistress/side chick?

      So let’s tally it up. No legitimate career, the ultimate side chick, no husband/kids and she’s selling out just for a small check from Bravo. By the looks of the tweet your girl put out, she doesn’t seem to think she’s done anything right either. But stan away girl. It’s your right to admire whoever you want, no matter how basic they are.


      1. True, but Kim is a white woman. She’s going to have more opportunities because of that alone, which is why I don’t understand why Kenya or Mimi can so dumb. They are selling out and expect it to “advance” their careers, but it won’t happen like that. Rarely are black women rewarded for acting like fools on TV or making sex tapes.

  36. Only Team Twirl would classify being a mistress and washed up beauty queen as “winning” and “doing something right.” The rest of us have higher standards.

  37. So Kenya wants people to feel sorry for her again. Nope. I know better. Kenya is a grown woman who was fully aware that RHOA was a show that was centered around nothing but cat fights between grown women. She came on there and wanted to become trouble maker number one, the role that NeNe got famous from. But she forgot that with that role, comes a lot of criticism and people will lose respect for you like they have for Nene. Was it worth it? No. She should have never got on the show in the first place. She has hurt herself past the point of redeeming. But she knew what she was walking into. So I have no sympathy for her or anyone else who decides to stay.

  38. Phaedra made a fool of herself. She only have herself to blame. As an attorney she should have known better

  39. Where is NeNe when we need her? She should be yelling at Kenya, “Close your legs to married men!” Kenya ought to be ashamed of herself running around with a married “African Prince”…….


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