Caption This: Carmelo Anthony Takes Awkward Photo with Rihanna

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last night, all of Hollywood’s biggest stars came out to the Met Gala and stepped out on the red carpet in fancy dresses and tuxedos.

Rihanna was clearly one of the best dressed effortlessly in a white goddess type gown, but we’re assuming NBA star Carmelo Anthony still wasn’t impressed by the looks of his face in a rather awkward photo they snapped together.

Just a little background info…Remember that Rihanna was one of the people blamed for JR Smith’s downfall with the New York Knicks.  He partied a little too much with Rihanna and stopped performing on the basketball court and when Rihanna started being named as the reason for his decline on the court, she snapped something serious on Instagram. In fact, Rihanna stated she couldn’t be blamed for a grown’s man over the top partying ways.

Obviously Carmelo doesn’t agree because he looked at Rihanna as if he is disgusted by her in this photo which has been making rounds on Twitter since last night:

carmelo and rihanna shade met gala

Interestingly enough, some of Rihanna’s fans seem to think Carmelo is actually lusting for Rihanna.


  1. LOL he does look like he’s saying “I hate this bish” to himself but eh, you can’t blame Rih for what a grown man chooses to do.

  2. No, that is not a lusting face. That the face of someone who is disgusted. I don’t know why all of Rihanna’s fans swear she’s the most wanted woman in the world. She’s gorgeous but her personality leaves much to be desired. *braces myself for the Navy*

    1. Because she is one of the most wanted women in the world. You’re another example of when hate becomes delusion.

      1. Lol! No one hurt me. I’m just telling the harsh truth. She’s very beautiful but the whole rebel thing and ratchet persona is off putting to most men. I mainly hear men say they want to sleep with her, not marry her. There’s a huge difference between both.

        1. Rihanna is young. She’s not even thinking about marriage. Please believe when she does she will have plenty of suitors. Stop being so bitter and jealous.

          1. Oh my goodness. This blog is occupied by the BeyHive and The Navy. I meant no harm. I just think her personality isn’t all that great, I wasn’t trying to be offensive, so let me just retreat. I’ll see you ladies and gents on here tomorrow when you’re not so angry. I still love y’all tho! Goodnight.

    2. Well Rihanna may have ruined J.R. Smith and the Knicks season which would explain the venomous look he is throwing RiRi’s way.

      Well that or he is pissed for being forced to be here by LaLa instead of getting ready to be demolished by the Heat in the Playoffs.

  3. To me it doesn’t even look like he is looking at her. But I give credit where credit is due and Rihanna slayed in that white dress. She was hands down the best dressed at the Met Gala and that is saying a lot with all the beautiful people there. From the dress to the hair she was on point.

  4. Lusting? Um no. He looks like he can’t stand her. He really shouldn’t blame her for JR Smith especially since he had terrible party habits BEFORE Rihanna came along.

  5. I don’t think he was lusting. Carmelo probably didn’t even want to be there in the first place and is probably ready to go. Unfortunately his wife is the latino version of Kim K and loves attention.

  6. LMAO. He does look shady but I don’t think Carmelo would be catty like that. Maybe he wasn’t looking at her and giving someone close to her the stank eye. Melissa is annoying as f-ck, was she there? I’d give her the same face too.

  7. La La looked like Barney last night and Rihanna looked like a supermodel. Yes, he was lusting.

    1. This was at the after party. He actually looked nice at the event. And Rihanna wore a white dress at the Gala and a gold one at this party.

  8. I agree with the poster who said he doesn’t look like he wanted to be there. I bet LaLa dragged him there. She is so obsessed with fame, just like her BFF Kim.

  9. He looks irritated, not like he’s lusting. But it’s hard to tell whether or not he’s even looking at her

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