Kim & Kanye’s Vogue Cover Flops

Photo Credit: Vogue
Photo Credit: Vogue

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you recently we weren’t buying  the reports put out by the Kardashian camp that suggested the Kimye Vogue cover would outsell Beyonce and Michelle Obama’s and some Kardashian affiliated sites were even claiming that the couple would push out 500,000 copies in sales.

Apparently the real numbers are way lower than the projections.

Page Six reports:

Early estimates were saying the controversy was going to push sales to the 400,000-to-500,000 level, easily outselling the 355,000 copies that Beyoncé sold on newsstands for the March 2013 cover, and also eclipsing the year-ago April cover of Michelle Obama that sold around 269,000.

Now, as the “Kimye” issue goes off sale and real numbers begin to trickle in, it looks like actual sales will fall way below early estimates.

“The trends for Kim K. are definitely better than the prior month with Rihanna, to the tune of 20 percent better,” said Josh Gary, vice president at Mag Net Data, who uses scan data from wholesalers that cover about 98 percent of the market.

“I’d argue that if you peg last year’s Michelle Obama at 269,000, this issue will net out around 250,000,” said Gary.




To sum it all up, Kimye’s cover will not outsell Beyonce’s nor will it outsell Michelle Obama’s. In fact, the Kimye issue is expected to pull in fewer numbers than the average Vogue issue (the average issue usually pulls in 269,740 copies sold), making it a certified flop.

This sounds about right since it was also confirmed months ago that magazines that feature the Kardashians on the cover have dropped drastically in sales as of late.



    1. She lied and put her those #s out in the media. It has come to bite her in the a-s! LMAOOOOOO

  1. Of course she didn’t. I think most of us knew it was nothing but damage control. Anna made a bad choice and they needed to lie to make it look like putting them on the cover was genius. I’m also curious to know how many subscribers they lost.

  2. When I heard them specifically mention Beyonce and Michelle O I knew what time it was. That was all Kanye and the Kardashians. They want Kim to be better than Beyonce and Michelle so bad. And to me, it’s racist that they actually think Kim’s no talent having behind can ever be better than a colleges educated black woman who made history as the first black First Lady of the US, and Beyonce, a black woman who worked her butt of to become one of the biggest names in music. It’s really telling about how Kim and her fam see black people.

    1. This! I thought I was the only one who caught that. Kim and her family really believe they are superior to black people. They never compare her to white women, just black women who have achieved a lot in their careers when they know good and well Kim is nothing but a porn star who sleeps around to extend her 15 minutes of fame. They actually believe that even a trashy, no talent white woman is better than an accomplished black woman. Smh.

  3. Kim and Kanye don’t care about magazine sells they got what they wanted the cover. The biggest loser in all this is Anna Wintour. Not only did she disgrace Vogue by putting these attention whores on the cover they won’t even make a great profit. Most importantly she has lost all credibility I hope it was all worth it.

    1. She cares about the sales because she wanted to beat Bey and Michelle Obama. Jealousy is a disease. She Failed!

  4. LOL. I was just waiting for someone to tell the truth. I saw plenty of those issues at my grocery store. They were not selling like that.

  5. Kim played herself. The number they were trying to throw out there was too high. And that’s the thing with them. When they lie, they lie on such an extreme scale that you just know it’s not true. So we were expected to believe that they would break records and sell the most Vogue copies in history when the majority of Americans can’t even stand them? Really? Smh.

  6. Well I’m still proud of Kim. She always chases her dreams no matter who tells her that she shouldn’t.

  7. Lol. Everyone knew this already except Kim’s delusional fans. Kim can never do what Beyonce and Michelle Obama do. They are where they are because of hard work and intelligence. Kim is where she is because of her v-gina. There’s no comparison. She couldn’t even get the Vogue cover without Kanye.

  8. Well what i find is insulting to Mrs Obama is the fact that people keep using her name in the same sentence as a porn star. I wish that would stop. Why would people compare Mrs Obama to a porn star. Mrs Obama needs more respect than that. Especially from educated blk women. Uggggggh.

  9. So the pictures the paps snapped of Kim and her fam buying up all the Vogues weren’t a sign that the cover was flopping? I thought that was pretty much confirmation that it wasn’t selling well.

  10. Sometimes I feel sorry for Kim. Her whole life depends on magazine covers and being popular. Unlike others, her career is not based of any talent or intelligence, so it can be gone any second. So she has to resort to lies and publicity stunts. It’s a pathetic career to have.

  11. Lmao Kim wants to be Beyoncé and outdo her in shine and Kanye wants to be Jay..sorry boo-boos y’all ain’t them and will never be. I read someone that Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar said on Twitter she was cancelling her Vogue membership and asked if anyone else was with her. I thought that was hilarious…..I was sent that Vogue issue for FREE….HAHAHHAHAHA

  12. Not surprising. I don’t know why the Kardashians think they are royalty, when they are actually trash. Point. Blank. Period.

  13. Media manipulation fail. They put out these fake numbers because they thought by doing so they would push people to buy the magazine. It didn’t work out too well.

  14. I want Kim and her damn momma to stop trying to compare her to successful black women who actually didn’t have to rely on sex tapes to succeed in life. Racist bastards.

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