Teyana Taylor Spills the Tea on Brandon Jennings, Tae Heckard & Rihanna

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As we reported recently, it’s been a lot of drama going down between Teyana Taylor and her ex-boyfriend Brandon Jennings. Apparently, he hasn’t been remorseful about currently dating her former friend, Tae Heckard.

Teyana dropped by The Breakfast Club this morning and she had lots to say on the subject. She even talked about her drama with Rihanna and breaks down their history.

On the whole situation with Brandon and Tae, she says:

“Brandon doesn’t shock me anymore…so my issues isn’t with Brandon. My issue is with Tae cuz that was my friend….You’re 36 years old. You’re a grown woman. I’m 23. As a woman, the moment you found out…I found out on the blogs. At first I was nonchalant…I thought he put her face on the body…I didn’t know it was a real picture…

“When things are made up about me, I hafta start stating facts… I wouldn’t care if we were broken up for 8 years? How can we be friends? [Brandon] Talkin’ about she’s teaching me everything I know. Dude, y’all been together two minutes… My issue with Tae is what she did is wrong…I know her own run down. I peeped how she get down.”


While discussing rumors, Teyana also denies that she is dating Colin Kaepernick.

Teyana also clapped back at Brandon recently suggesting what he had with Teyana was nothing more than a fling:

“This is my first love. My first everything. I’m close to his family. You love who you love… That’s all that disappointed me was the betrayal…It’s at a stage I’m not about to hit you up…I’m truly happy for Brandon. And If you’re truly happy with Tae, she’s a beautiful girl…”


On if she could ever be cool with Tae again:

“Absolutely not, that’s gross.”


She also revealed that she lost her virginity to Brandon:

“I gave him my virginity like two years ago…”


Teyana also didn’t hold back when she was asked a few questions about Rihanna. She confirmed she lost her Adidas deal over their Twitter spat which resulted in Teyana making some insensitive jokes about domestic violence:

“I mean, that’s what the statement said, right?”


Teyana doesn’t think she will ever be cool with Rihanna again:

“I mean, I don’t know. But she did have a nice cover…She didn’t cost me to lose anything. Me and Rihanna use to be cool, but my loyalty is to my brother…I met Rihanna through Chris. I am Chris’ friend. Like I loved her to death…She was a sweet girl…Let your issue be with Chris, not with Karrueche. She’s just a girl that he loves. So it’s like why you mad at her? No, we are not cool.. the cover is DOPE.”

Check out the interview below:


    1. He needs to focus on the game he plays on the court, not the one he plays off if he is to stay in the league. He’s known more for his flings than his ball handling and shooting at this point.

  1. I agree with her on the Karrueche thing. I think Rihanna is angry with the wrong person. Anyway, Tae is trifling for doing that to Teyana but at the same time it’s always a blessing to see the true side of people.

  2. I hope Teyana understands that not everyone out here is her friend. Some people will use you to their advantage and not even think twice about it. Tae was obviously never her real friend.

  3. She spilled the tea but she did it rather nicely. My my , she handled that pretty darn well go head Teyana…….I think I like her more.

  4. Damn it really sucks to lose your virginity to someone who is trying to play you and act like you were just a THOT. Brandon is lame as hell for that.

  5. Teyana just needs to keep her head up. Brandon and Tae probably won’t even be together in a month or so. It just seems like their relationship is for publicity only.

  6. I think Brandon is just using Tae to get to Teyana. I mean he just posted Karrueche for his WCW not too long ago and Kae is Teyana’s friend. He’s very low down.

  7. The best revenge is happiness. The moment Teyana gets her a new boo and looks happy, Brandon will have a fit.

      1. Yep, it’s already dropped. I can’t remember the name of it, buuuuut, I wasn’t really impressed :-/ *shrug*

  8. Again, who are these people? The only person I know being talked about in this post is Rihanna.

  9. Teyana has gotten so mature. Kudos boo leave Brandon to Tae. They can have each other Tae is nothing more recycled goods in the industry.

  10. I like Teyana. She has a nice voice and she seems like she’s a cool chick. I hope she can learn from all of this.

  11. He’s an ex she shouldn’t be too sad to be done with. He’s very immature and plays too many games. He’s better off where he is.

  12. For Brandon this is all about becoming relevant. He doesn’t care about Tae and he didn’t care about Teyana. He will kick Tae to the curb when he can get someone more famous than her. He won’t stop until he has someone relevant enough to raise his Hollywood stock. This is nothing but a game to him. Tae is stupid if she can’t see she’s being used.

  13. Love her hair. Hopefully her hair line won’t disappoint. I want to weave it for the summer as I grow out my hair.

  14. This was a very mature interview with her. I wish nothing but the best for this girl. I know how it feels to be played by someone you cared for very much/loved. It’s hard to get over & she handled it well.

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