Phaedra Parks Discusses the Epic Read She Gave Kenya Moore

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Believe it or not, folks are still talking about that epic read Phaedra Parks gave Kenya Moore at the reunion that left the former Miss USA silent for pretty much the rest of filming.

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Phaedra recently stopped by The Rickey Smiley Morning Show and she said the read was not rehearsed and she only came for Kenya because she’s tired of Kenya coming for her and her family.

Phaedra says:

“Kenya runs around, every interview she does my name and my family’s name is in her mouth because she doesn’t have any jobs like myself to talk about or careers or aspirations like myself beyond obsessing over me, my children and my husband. I knew that’s what she would be obsessing about as always.

“I wasn’t rehearsing it or anything but I’m like you have the audacity to go on national TV every time…it’s usually me or Porsha. Sometimes you have to put people on notice. I’m not what you want. I know exactly what you do. I don’t have to talk about you in interviews. You can’t get me out your mouth.

“That was just a freestyle.”

Check out the audio below:


  1. I can’t stand Phaedra but I have to admit she read Kenya so bad I almost became a fan. I felt that read honey.

    1. Phaedra read herself. Everything she said about Kenya and the sperm bank is actually Phaedra’s reality. Look at her sperm donor. At least the dude who got $10 worked for it. APOLLO STEALS.

      1. Nah bruh, she read Kenya’s a-s and you will deal. Y’all fail to understand that regardless of what happens to Apollo, everyone still saw your fave get read for filth so bad her eyes watered up. It will go down in history and that is why y’all are on here trying to change the subject. Y’all felt that read. Hell some of y’all were tweeting Kenya and telling her y’all were mad she didn’t have a response. Oh and Kenya steals too…HUSBANDS.

        I know it’s embarrassing to see your fave get dragged verbally and physically.

        And you need to look up what a sperm donor is. You’re confused. You see Phaedra knows who’s the father of her children. You tried though. Lol.

        1. Phaedra is fake
          What Phaedra call herself reading Kenya,about going to a sperm bank .Phaedra been going after Kenya for two years, calling Kenya allot of W*****,S***** etc.Phaedra talks about Kenya having a invisible boyfriend.How stupid is this lady Phaedra? If Kenya always having these indivisible boyfriends, How can Kenya be a whore? cruddy Phaedra must had a hard time getting a husband. It seems Phaedra married a criminal,no man wanted to marry Phaedra. An Atlanta lawyer marries a criminal, Which I believe it was an arranged marriage.Apollo was about to rat Phaedra out, if she did not get him out of prison.Married Apollo,so he would not testify against her.

        2. Sorry. It was not a read. It was really ignorant. When people donate to the sperm banks, their backgrounds are checked thoroughly. They do not accept everyone that tries to donate. Only 5% make the cut. So Phaedra’s so called read was very uneducated and made her look stupid. Only a certain caliber person would look at that as a read because they do not know that a sperm bank has a better stock of sperm (with the backgrounds of the men) than the streets and prison yards.

          1. LOL so now reads have to be factual? That makes most of Kenya’s weak reads invalid then. Team Twirl is so predictable. Y’all are looking for any and everything to take the sting out of that read but it won’t work. That read was so epic even celebs were talking about it on Twitter. Regardless, I think most people would agree that Kenya calling Porsha a “dumb ho” with a bullhorn was pretty ignorant. Oh and her saying she wanted a white baby and a child with green eyes wasn’t intelligent either. You tried though.

  2. It was legendary. But I have to chuckle at Kenya’s fans pretending she won by being silent when Kenya prides herself on being able to “fight with her words.” She had none after that read tho…

    1. Girl none! She set herself up though because from paying Walter to be her man and the whole sperm donor thing, her storyline on the show has been pathetic. And her real life isn’t any better. She’s clowning Phaedra about Apollo going back to jail but she’s nothing more than a professional mistress to multiple married men.

  3. It was a great read but knowing Kenya she’ll try to make herself out to be a victim again in no time. That’s the only card she has to play obviously.

    1. That’s what she’s doing with that fake robbery story her blogger friends are reporting. She’s the worst. Always the victim.

  4. Lord, if that’s what Phaedra pulls out on the fly, imagine what she could’ve done with a script. She would’ve annihilated Miss Bath Salts!

  5. Everytime I think about Phaedra dragging Kenya. I think about Kenya saying I fight with my words. Not that night sweetie lol. So basically Kenya got dragged physically and verbally. Epic Fail for Kenya and Team delusional.

    1. What did you want Kenya to say? Phaedra your sons were spawned by a career convict. At least the sperm donor worked for his $10. Apollo stole old people’s identity. You know what that means for his victims? My identity was stolen. Someone has used my social security number to claim $8,000 refunds for 3 years in a row. Either I pay back the $8,000 times 3, pay back what I received from social security since I’m retired. That’s my nightmare. So go on, keep on defending Apollo and applauding an evil woman who wishes evil on unborn children. For Phaedra’s children sake I’m glad Kenya didn’t roll around the mud with pigs.

      1. Cool! And you go on and defend a woman who is knowingly sleeping with a married man who has three children. #shrugs

  6. Lol. I’m still laughing at how Phaedra shut Kenya down. You can tell everyone is tired of Kenya and they are now going to hit below the belt like she always does.

  7. Oh okay Phaedra, meanwhile your sperm donor is about to do time with those molesters etc you mentioned in your hypocritical rehearsed read. Girl bye bye now!

    1. Rehearsed? So then why couldn’t Kenya at least get someone to write something for her? She looked pitiful out there. Help her out Team Twirl. And Kenya’s life is a mess too. Dating a married man who has three children with no real career in sight isn’t much better. LMBO.

      1. Chile please, like Kenya wasn’t frantically searching Twitter for a response that night when she pulled out that phone. Her dusty behind couldn’t find a response so she was practically in tears. Tsk, tsk, y’all should’ve had her rehearse a little bit more. Epic fail by Team Twirl!!!

    2. How much do you want to bet Phaedra will divorce Apollo and remarry before Kenya gets a man who isn’t married?

    3. I can’t even blame you for thinking it was rehearsed. You’re probably a Kenya fan and her reads are so weak that it’s hard to believe someone can actually ether someone like that with so little effort. Maybe Miss Lawrence can give Kenya some read lessons because this is the second reunion she has struggled with.

  8. Kenya just always struggles at the reunion because it is the one time where everyone has to think on their feet. She cannot do that. She’s so out of place on this show. No unmarried man, no real career or business, and no real reads. Why is she even on the show?

  9. Aww Team Twirl is in their feelings because the best line Kenya had was telling Porsha to spell scepter. How witty. LMAO!

  10. Kenya needs to leave the show. She is not liked by most of the viewers and her cast members treat her like trash. She needs to get some dignity and exit on her own. No amount of money is worth this.

    1. And she treats them like trash as well. I’m so tired of y’all trying to make this woman out to be Jesus and some kind of victim. She came on that show nasty and she is still nasty. After a while, people get tired and they give her what she gives them. Stop the delusion.

      1. I don’t think they can stop being delusional. it’s one of the requirements to be Team Twirl.

    2. Kenya’s dignity went out the door the first time she spread her legs for somebody else’s husband. Quit always trying to make her a victim!

  11. Nah she fits right in. Her very first encounter with any of them was at Cynthia’s model audition. In minutes, she disrespected Cynthia, called Cynthia’s male assistant a b*tch and taunted some of the women auditioning. How soon y’all forget.

    1. @troll, I believe her first run in was with porsha at her charity event when porsha mistakenly called her miss america, even after she apologized she still acted like a hateful biotch, thats when I knew I couldn’t like her. have u noticed everytime she pulls up people say here comes trouble. cynthia and her make a great couple, their both messy and two faced.

  12. LOL Phaedra is hilarious. Yeah her husband may be going to jail, but that doesn’t lesson the sting of that read. Sorry Twirlers.

  13. Apollo is going to jail, but Phaedra is the bread winner in that marriage! She will make sure those kids are good and she’ll probably end up married again. If y’all think Phaedra will let Apollo’s dumb move sink her, y’all are crazy! She’s already achieved more than what Kenya has in 20 years in like 5. That’s the real tea.

  14. Well Phaedra is a wordsmith. Kenya thought she was big and bad because she was going at Porsha. Nene and Phaedra ain’t what she wants. And now they have teamed up? Lol good luck with that Kenya.

  15. Kenya is so unlikable. She’s a lot like NeNe but even worse. I didn’t think I could dislike anyone more than NeNe and here comes Kenya. I will not be watching next season.

  16. I have to question the ethics of someone who would support a woman who mocks another woman’s fertility issues. Phaedra’s “read” was so anti-woman. Also, while Kenya’s potential sperm donor may be of uncertain pedigree, Phaedra’s “sperm donor” is without question a convicted felon. Her children will be visiting their father in prison. Phaedra needs to check her own breeding decisions.

    1. And I have to question the ethics of someone who would support a woman who sleeps with married men. Kenya’s continuous years of sleeping with married men is so anti-woman.

      1. Your comment is off topic. We are discussing Phaedra’s “read” on this thread. Address the ethics of mocking an infertile woman.

        1. No ma’am, y’all will not continue to sweep Kenya’s bad behavior under the rug while you call out everyone else’s. It doesn’t work like that.

          So again, just like you question the ethics of why people support Phaedra, I can question the ethics of someone who supports Kenya. Neither are angels. And if I recall, women were also outraged with Kenya because they felt like she mocked infertility issues by the way she threw that doll down and mocked the program that many women used to measure if they are ready to have a baby. Kenya is not really trying to have a baby. It’s only a storyline. So let’s talk about how insensitive that is as well. I’m sure you won’t address any of that though. You Kenya fans never do. It’s so much easier to make her the victim all the time and never address her nasty behavior. That is why so many people do not care for Kenya. Neither she or her fans admit her wrongdoings.

        2. I guess you have selective memory. Why won’t you address the ethics of the following:

          1. Telling a pregnant woman you will knock their teeth out.
          2. Calling a black woman an animal (moose) and a black man a gorilla on TV when you pride yourself on making black history.
          3. Flirting with a married man on camera.
          4. Suggesting a cast member is on drugs just because you don’t care for them.
          5. Using a megaphone to call another woman a dumb hoe.
          6. Calling women fat, even when they are pregnant.
          7. Telling a wife to get checked out for AIDS because her husband served time.
          8. Pulling another woman’s ear because she has stated she doesn’t want to talk to you.
          9. Calling women ugly on your Twitter account.
          10. Going on a reality show to cause drama, divide up friendships all for more camera time.
          11. Lie about a relationship, just to get on the show in the first place.

          Now these are things that Kenya has done. And I can name many more. So, cut out the fake outrage. You don’t care about infertility issues, you’re simply throwing anything at the wall and hoping it sticks because Kenya was embarrassed at the reunion. If you really cared about infertility issues being mocked, you would be angry that Kenya faked her whole baby storyline. But you’re not because that’s not really what your outrage is about.

          Also is Kenya not the one who brags about being able to fight with her words? She hits below the belt all the time and says very harsh things to other women, but when they do the same then you get offended? That says a lot about you.

    2. Real question, can Team Twirl and Kenya think of anything else other than playing the victim role? It’s getting pretty old now and it’s really not effective. I mean all of us can just watch the reruns and see Kenya stirring the pot and causing drama and doing some of the nastiest things ever to these women whenever we need a point of reference. So please cut the crap and stop trying to pretend she’s some innocent victim. No one is buying it except y’all. All of these women hit below the belt. Stop the dramatics.

        1. But it’s ok for Kenya to mock infertility issues? Lol sit. Everything y’all try to call everyone out on Kenya has done too. There are no angels on that show. Find a new strategy.

          1. Thank you. They love deflection. They will tell you what everyone else does wrong but be quiet on the dirt Kenya does. Go figure.

        2. Since when does Kenya have infertility issues? Clearly she is able to reproduce if she’s vying for a sperm donor. You can’t be this dense…

        3. I’m not sure why you’re going so hard for Kenya. If you’re a married woman, she’ll probably f-ck your husband. Robin Givens, Tawanna Iverson and many others can attest to that.

    3. If Kenya has fertility issues she did herself a huge disservice by making a mockery of it for the sake of reality tv, but we all know her real issue isn’t fertility, it’s baby daddy issues. Apollo may be a convicted felon but he was blessed with two beautiful children. Aiden is quite bright and astute for his age and Phaedra has much to be proud of. Meanwhile, Kenya is spending her days chasing behind married men and studying social media for life’s inspiration.

  17. Will Phaedra be planning a Sip N See for her sperm donor’s jail homegoing? I suspect that she’ll be doing very little “reading” until she reads the sentence that the judge will throw at her brain damaged spouse. The last laugh as always, is Kenya’s. Can’t wait to see Phaedra in pain as she if forced to look Kenya in the eye next season. #TrashCriminalsUndesirables

    1. Is that the best y’all can do? Clown Phaedra about Apollo going to jail when Kenya is out here playing mistress to married men and drug dealers for the last 20 years? And the crazy thing is Phaedra unlike Kenya, has a real career and will be just fine without Apollo. She’s self made. Apollo was just eye candy. Don’t be surprised when she divorces Apollo and has a new husband in a year or so. I’m sure Kenya will still be manless, jobless, and some married man’s side chick though when Phaedra gets on her second marriage. That seems to be consistent in Kenya’s life. The only thing she will ever have is that old Miss USA title, straight to DVD movie roles and one word lines in movies from like 15 years ago.

      The next time your leader says she can fight with her words, we’ll happily remind her that she was left speechless at the reunion show. I know y’all are still hurt about that.

      PS. Only trashy women sleep with married men.


      Tell your fave to get a man who doesn’t already have a wife. She seems to struggle with that. Bless her heart.

    2. The real irony is Kenya wanted to smash that criminal you speak of. She twerked on him and flirted with him knowing damn well he had a criminal past. She didn’t care then though. I guess that makes sense though because she dated criminals back in her Detroit days. She loved those drug dealers too. Trust me when I say her and Phaedra are cut from the same cloth. When y’all try to throw shade, remember Kenya isn’t much better herself. Keep playing and your girl’s business will be on all the blogs. She’s far from perfect or fabulous. Trust.

    3. I think that Phaedra’s kids are great!!! But that does not negate the fact that they will be visiting their felonious father in prison. Phaedra has her own baby daddy issues.

      1. You say it as if these children will fail in life because of this. Phaedra has marital issues with the father of her children but she also has much to be proud of. Phaedra is no angel but I have no doubt that she will persevere and continue being a great role model for her children. I know Team Twirl orgasms off the idea of Phaedra failing because of this but I don’t see that happening.

  18. And Kenya has married men issues. Oh no my bad, MISTRESS issues. None of these women are better than the other. Every single one of them are a hot mess and are dealing with some serious issues. It’s called baggage. Next.

  19. Phaedra gave that read to distract people from asking the question, ” how was Apollo able to steal once again over several years in her house without her knowing.” Phaedra is a criminal attorney, shouldn’t she know or had an idea of what he was doing? They lived in the the same house. It’s not like she didn’t know he is a criminal. . See these are the real questions Phaedra doesn’t want to answer.

    1. It’s ok. Kenya uses distractions to avoid answering any questions about the married man she’s sleeping with. All of those ladies have dirt. That doesn’t take away from the fact that Kenya got read for filth and always gets embarrassed at the reunions. I mean she can possibly get Miss Lawrence to help her, right?

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