R&B Singer Tank Puts ‘DL’ Pastor on Blast?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Yandy Smith isn’t the only person putting people on blast for their Instagram shenanigans. Apparently R&B singer Tank is also airing out some people for the naughty things they are sending to his DM box.

Over the weekend, Tank posted a screenshot of who he claims is a Church of God in Christ minister and apparently the minister sent some “not safe for work” photos to the singer that he didn’t appreciate.

He posted the following:

tank instagram tank instagram 2



Apparently the post caused so much uproar that Tank eventually deleted it.


      1. But it’s not “Jayonce.” It’s Solange. She made a fool out of herself and we still don’t know why yet.

  1. LOL. Was this a joke because this minister can’t be serious thinking this picture was in any shape or form sexy, gay or straight.

  2. I am not surprised this happened. People get on IG and they cut up something serious. I hate that damn place. Everyone is on there fronting and trying to be sexy. GTFOH with that mess.

  3. I swear people have no shame. Everybody has a right to live their life how they want. If you are gay, want to cheat on your spouse, lie, steal that’s your business but don’t try lead a congregation about doing the right thing when you are living a lie.

  4. I guess anybody nowadays can call themselves a “Minister” since the internet has started annointing every Tom, Dick and Harry with an online degree. I’m still going to throw Tank a few choice side-eyes for calling himself a “celebrity” though. Really Tank?

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