Teyana Taylor & Tae Heckard Beef on Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Teyana Taylor gave a revealing interview with The Breakfast Club on what really went down between her ex Brandon Jennings and his new fiancée Tae Heckard, and Teyana claims her real issue with Tae is that she had no shame in dating an ex of a friend.

Teyana claims that she and Tae were very good friends and she’s disappointed that Tae would date her ex fiancé Brandon Jennings.

But this morning, Tae clapped back on Instagram and she pretty much says that Teyana was never really her friend but someone she ran into on the party scene occasionally:

tae heckard instagram


When Teyana got word of Tae’s post, she posted the following text messages to Instagram:

teyana instagram




She took the beef to Twitter too (read tweets from top to bottom):

teyana taylor twitter teyana taylor twitter 2


Both have since deleted the posts from their Instagram accounts.


  1. I really don’t think Brandon is worth all of this. Teyana needs to stop addressing this and let Tae and Brandon crash and burn on their own. It just seems like Brandon is only in love with getting attention. But maybe that’s just me.

  2. I’m over this. And Teyana should be too. Tae is never going to own up to her trifling behavior. So let it go Teyana. Happiness is the best revenge. Do you and let your career speak for itself.

  3. Tae has a reputation for getting with the exes of people she’s friendly with. Wasn’t she cool with Ashanti too before she got with Nelly?

  4. There’s too much dyck in the world for this sheit. Let her have him Teyana. She’ll see soon that she doesn’t really have a prize.

    1. LOL I agree. I will never fight or argue over a man. It’s uber wack and it makes everyone who does it look desperate.

  5. Brandon is probably somewhere having an orgasm from all the attention he’s been getting lately. That has been his goal all along. He wanted the blogs to start paying attention to him. He’s such a stunt queen.

  6. I understand she gave that fool her virginity but I don’t think she needs to keep giving him or his new PR relationship (Tae) anymore attention. And doesn’t he have like 5 baby mamas? Teyana girl you dodged a bullet.

  7. I don’t think Tae will ever admit the truth so if I were Teyana I would just let it go. Let karma do it’s job.

  8. When I tell you a hit dog will holler. Tae’s excuse screams of guilt. I just wonder when Tae will get tired of being passed around the industry. Brandon is a clown and I believe everything Teyana said because he was trying to get with Karrueche a couple of months ago. It’s like he is trying to get with anybody who has a connection to Teyana. He is acting out to me and Teyana shouldn’t have given him a reaction. Let it go Teyana let these two these losers have each other.

  9. If she called Teyana fam, then yes Tae is wrong. But it doesn’t really matter though because regardless Brandon wasn’t the one for Teyana anyway.

  10. Aww I like Teyana. I just want her to stop talking about this. That is what Tae and Brandon want her to do because they can’t get attention any other way.

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