More Tea Comes out About Solange

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

So it was only a matter of time before reports surrounding an explanation regarding Solange’s attack of Jay Z began making rounds and now some folks are running to the tabloids and claiming that Beyonce’s little sis was acting erratic the whole night at the Met Gala hours before she allegedly assaulted Jay Z in an elevator.

According to US Weekly, Solange even got into a shouting match with her former friend Rachel Roy:

Yikes! It looks like Solange Knowles’ elevator attack on Jay Z was not her first altercation on the night of the Met Gala last Monday, May 5. A source tells Us Weekly that Beyonce’s younger sister had yelled at designer Rachel Roy earlier at the after party, which was held at the Boom Boom Room in the Standard Hotel.

The source added that, during the disagreement, Beyonce “got in the middle of it,” though it remains unclear what it was about. According to another insider, Solange was yelling at a number of people; Roy, it turns out, was included in that group.


The weird part is Solange and Rachel were so cool at one point that Solange actually accompanied Roy to the Met Gala back in 2012.

Then of course there are the reports from several months ago in which Solange’s rep claimed she was canceling her European tour in August 2013 because of “mental issues.” Some folks are claiming Solange suffers from bipolar disorder and also allegedly had issues with drinking, smoking weed and overdosed on NyQuil back in 2009.

Solange even noted on her Twitter account in 2009 that she has a hard time remembering things.

Regardless, we think all of this is nothing but speculation on what really happened to cause Solange to act so violently towards her brother-in-law and we may never really know what happened.

But that doesn’t stop people from speculating thanks to Instagram activity.

Beyonce posted this a few days ago:

beyonce instagram

Some sites are even reporting that Solange has deleted all pictures she had of her sis Beyonce except for one back in 2012. We can’t confirm that since Beyonce’s fans claim she never really had many photos of Beyonce on there to begin with.

We hope everything is eventually worked out between Beyonce, Solange and Jay Z.


  1. People just have to accept that we will never know what happened. And that is ok because it really isn’t our business. All Beyonce owes her fans is her best when she gets on that stage. It ends there.

  2. People keep saying Jay must have hit Bey but if he was abusive he would have hit Solange in that elevator. They didn’t know cameras were watching and he showed restraint. An abusive man does not show restraint.

    1. Thank you. But that’s too much common sense for the haters. Misery makes them less likely to use any common sense when it comes to Bey.

    2. They only think that because their sad behinds believe domestic abuse is normal and they expect most women to get beat on.

    3. I completely agree. And you’ll even notice in the end of the extended video he actually picks up Solange’s purse and hands it over calmly to Bey after Solange threw it at him and hit him with it. If anyone is abusive here it’s Solange.

    4. I agree but disagree. I don’t think Jay would hit Bey (let me say that first), but a lot of men, who are abusive to women, will not fight no one who is being confrontational with them. They are cowards but they will abuse her as a form of power & to have control in their relationship.

      1. And I disagree with you. I’ve seen it happen with my own eyes. Not all men who hit women will back down to someone who stands up to them. That is a huge lie. I’m sure police can confirm that as well.

        1. I’ve seen it for myself several times &. when confronted they don’t want to fight. Now yes we do have the Billy bad a$$e$ that think they a beast & can win a bear fight but IMO there are more cowardly abusers than those around.

          1. Alright, well you tell the police who have had to come pick up dead bodies because someone tried to intervene on a domestic violence situation that. Or you can tell the young guy I saw get beat to a bloody pulp that when he tried to intervene. All abusers don’t share the same profile. But the fact that folks like you and others are coming to the conclusion that Beyonce is being abused in a 3 minute video in which the only person being violent is Solange says a lot about yall.


          2. @ Anonymous

            Don’t even waste your time. People want to believe Beyonce is living a miserable life and she gets abused because they can’t stand her success that much. They believed this without the video.

            The only person being abusive for sure by the looks of the video is Solange, but she gets a pass, while they speculate on just how Jay Z is abusive huh? Typical.

          3. I don’t think Bey is being abused….. was speaking on abusive men in general & from experience dealing with them.

        2. I’m not even sure why y’all are arguing or debating over this because you can’t even claim Jay Z is abusive just from this video. It’s a moot discussion and pointless. What we do know is Solange attacked Jay Z. Not the other way around. So why can’t THAT be discussed? Because she’s a woman and because of that Jay Z deserved it? I question the attitudes I’m seeing regarding this subject. I’m speaking in general…

          1. LOL well you got me together. It’s no argument, just two grown folks disagreeing and discussing why. But you’re right. None of that even matters. Solange was the only violent one in the video and we need to place the blame where it belongs. Regardless of what happened, violence is never the answer.


        3. @ King Bey Yes she does get a pass sadly. I’m baffled that in 2014 we’re still going to ask what a man did to deserve a beating from a woman. Had this been the reverse, they would be calling for Jay’s head. He did the right thing. Even Solange yelling at others that night doesn’t seem to make people hold Solange responsible for her own anger. Disappointing.

    5. Don’t even waste your time. People want to believe Beyonce is living a miserable life and she gets abused because they can’t stand her success that much. They believed this without the video.

  3. I had seen on other sites for years that Solange was bipolar or had some issues but I never believed it. I am starting too now because this is a mess. The way Beyonce acted in the elevator was like this it was normal behavior for Solange she didn’t look shocked or surprised.

    1. Girl cosign. The tea on Solange has been out here for a long time. I just didn’t want to believe it.

    2. True. I’ll take it a step further and say nobody looked shocked in that elevator. That says a lot.

  4. Interesting. So if Solo is mad at Bey, maybe Bey did say something to her to let her know she didn’t approve of her behavior and it pissed Solo off.

  5. Bey didn’t look surprised and neither did Jay. But he did look like he was disappointed. Makes me think Solange has laid hands on him before.

  6. Mental issues. Anyone who thinks it’s ok to sit there and violently attack someone and spit on them has issues and needs to be put in jail. I wish Jay Z would press charges. But he won’t because despite it all that is his family.

  7. I noticed she deleted all of Bey’s pictures. She’s clearly upset with her sis and her brother in law. Sad situation but it’s none of our business. Hopefully they work it out.

  8. Whatever the cause???… J will turn that RANT TO RAP & GET PAID….WE all have disagreements….get over it & move on…

  9. We will never know. But I’m not buying the whole Jay beats on Bey story or cheats…Solange is yelling at other people and acting up makes me think it’s something deeper going on with her.

  10. And what happened to Solo’s boyfriend? Are they still together? I haven’t seen him with her in a while.

  11. Whatever it is, they will be ok. Families fight. We all have been through it. I think people are blowing this up because they mistakenly believe Beyonce wanted people to think she is perfect when the truth is she is just very private. And she should be since people get pleasure out of her pain and issues. Too many people were happy about this yesterday. That’s sad in itself.

  12. How the hell is Solange going to be mad at Bey when she’s the one who roundhouse kicked her husband? Girl goodbye. LMAOOO!

  13. So it’s possible Solo was cutting up at the Met Gala and Jay tried to check and she whooped his a-s for it. Makes sense.

  14. Like I said yesterday, I really wish Solo would have thought long and hard about reacting the way she did before she did it. Now she’s caused the public to start speculating even more on her sister and her sister’s marriage. She’s hurt her sister so much with this bad decision. They will get over it and make up like siblings do, but it sucks to see them all go through this so publicly.

  15. Now if Jay Z would have punched her in the face, he would have been dragged by every media outlet that existed. And if Beyonce would have stepped in and tried to fight her sister, she would have been dragged by the media. I think they handled it the best way they could. Let the bodyguard handle Solo and try to keep it together in front of the paps. Never give the haters the satisfaction of catching you slipping. They live for it.

  16. I knew Solange had anger issues when she acted a damn fool when an interviewer asked her if Beyonce and Jay got married years ago. It wasn’t even that serious and she was so pissed I think she even cut the interview short after she told the interviewer off.

  17. Solange has always been the gutter one between her and Bey. She probably took her anger out on Jay because she knew he wouldn’t fight back. Either way now she’s out here looking stupid. Was it worth it? I seriously doubt it. Not only is Bey’s marriage being criticized, but so is her brand. Even Solange’s brand is looking raggedy now. Bish just got the cover of Essence out here pretending she’s a character in Street Fighter. Damn family will have you out here looking stupid.

  18. Bey and Jay will be fine. Solo will be sent back to the basement and it will be like this never happened. For some reason it always seems like the fall of Beyonce is approaching but then she reminds everyone that she is still on top and drops a secret album that goes platinum in like three days. Hater have to accept it. She’s that bish.

  19. I don’t care what happened Solange behaved like a true bird in that elevator. No class at all.

  20. I don’t know why people care so much when their own lives and marriages are just as questionable. Time for people to mind their business and let these people sort it out.

  21. It’s nothing but a little sibling beef. Bey and Solo will make up like siblings always do and Jay will get back on good terms with Solo as well. It’s just family life.

  22. This whole situation just highlights who is dumb and bitter. You can’t look at that short video and come to the conclusion that Jay Z hits Beyonce or cheats on her and you can’t come to the conclusion that Solange is some nut case. Bitter people will always see what they want to see. The only thing we know for sure is family members fought. It happens. They will make up and keep it pushing. It’s not like we don’t have similar issues in own own families.

  23. Umm where are people getting this Jay Z abuses Beyonce BS? Did some of y’all watch a different video or nah?

  24. Rachel Roy is Damon Dash’s ex wife. Now y’all gotta remember Hov and Dame love to share women. Solange found out what Jay was up to and whopped his a-s accordingly. You’re welcome.

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