Kenya Moore’s WWHL Appearance Flops & NeNe Leakes Quits RHOA?

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kenya Moore made a highly anticipated appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” to tell Andy Cohen her side to the story regarding what went down with Porsha Williams at the reunion and to defend herself against those who have labeled her as RHOA’s biggest bully.

But the self-proclaimed new RHOA Queen’s ratings were pretty disappointing in comparison to appearances made by NeNe Leakes and Porsha Williams.

In fact, Kenya’s one on one with Andy was the least watched out of all the other housewives, a feat we really didn’t see coming.

WetPaint Entertainment reports:

Regarding the better time slots, both NeNe and Porsha had their one-on-ones air directly after reunion nights, while Kenya’s special was on after the “Secrets Revealed” episode, which naturally drew in less viewers than the explosive reunion shows. So, to be fair, Kenya was at a disadvantage from the start.

Surprisingly, Porsha was the one to score the most viewers with 3,923,000 viewers, about 417,000 more than NeNe’s 3,506,000 supporters. In fact, Porsha now holds the record for WWHL’s most-watched episode.

Meanwhile, only 1,717,000 people tuned in to hear Kenya’s candid interview — a huge drop in numbers. Maybe the ratings have less to do with her antics than she thinks.



Call us crazy, but we always thought the high ratings are a reflection of what everyone brings to the show. This is without a doubt the most interesting cast the show has ever had. We know plenty of folks who tune in for the antics of not only Kenya Moore, but Peter Thomas, NeNe Leakes, Porsha’s giddy comments, and most importantly Mama Joyce who may be getting her own show very soon. Some even watch for Phaedra’s epic shade and to get a glimpse into Kandi Burruss’ life as a real business woman.

Despite that, Kenya still claims she is the sole reason ratings are so great these days.



In related news, Bravo and NeNe Leakes’ camps recently shut down talk that NeNe was fired. But now it appears NeNe may have quit the show on her own accord.

She tweeted the following and got everyone thinking she’s officially done with the show:

nene leakes tweet


Now do we think this means NeNe is finished with the show? Not really. NeNe has tweeted things like this in the past and a few days later argued why she is still the queen of the show.

All we can do is wait until Bravo reveals its plans for season seven.


  1. Nene ain’t quitting. I think she’s just pulling stunts so she can get a raise (which she doesn’t need).

  2. I didn’t want to watch WWHL. I’ve heard enough of Kenya’s victim talk as it is this season. So I passed.

    1. Right??? That was the continuation of the Kenya Moore Victim Tour, with Andy as her chief enabler.

  3. People don’t want to hear about the reunion anymore. Bravo needs to stop dragging this season out before people get bored of this show.

    1. Too late. I’m already bored. I probably won’t watch next season either. RHOA has become too exhausting to watch.

  4. I’m not even sure why people are going to try to make excuses for why Kenya’s one on one flopped. If she’s the RHOA Queen like she claims she should have had more viewers. She does not make the show and most people do not even like her. Let’s stop giving her too much credit. I for one was really hype to watch the sixth season because I wanted to find out who Kandi was threatening to drag.

  5. I knew her WWHL wouldn’t do that well. I think people have moved on and are now focusing on LHHATL. And why are they having a special on the husbands? It’s too much.

  6. Kenya being last on WWHL was a test by Bravo to see how much of a ratings magnet she really is. It was a hard time slot to be in but if she’s the queen like she claims she should have had more eyeballs. Say what you want about NeNe but she brings in the eyeballs. She’s just an explosive personality. If she’s out, the show will suffer. Mark my words.

  7. Nobody wants to watch Kenya talk and play the victim. I am pretty much done with RHOA because of how they handle the Porsha situation but if Nene is gone I’m definitely not watching.

  8. Sorry UB, but I think she’s clear in her tweet. She’s done. And frankly I have mixed emotions because I can’t stand her but I recognize how important she is to the show’s success. By walking away now it will be clear how important she really was in building up the show. The ratings will not be as strong. Kenya’s lack of star power will finally be on the display. She is not the queen of the show and never will be. It’s the beginning of the end.

  9. F that. If Kenya runs the show and brings in the ratings, then more people would have watched her one on one. This just proves that she’s not as liked as she thinks she is and she cannot carry the show without everyone else. I hope NeNe is gone. Let Kenya’s delusional a-s have the show and take it to the ground with her. We’ll see if she takes credit for the show’s fall as well.

  10. NeNe is just smartening up and she’s tired of being used by Bravo. They like to build you up and then tear you down with these reality shows. There are better ways to make money. I don’t blame her for being so over the show now.

  11. I didn’t turn to Bravo at all Sunday night. I’m tired of Kenya and I didn’t want to hear her take no responsibility in the mess that she causes. And I’m tired of Married to Medicine too. The whole season has been about Quad and Mariah’s stupid beef. I’m over it. And if NeNe is done, a lot of people will be done watching as well. But most reality shows have a short shelf life so it’s impressive RHOA lasted as long as it did.

  12. I knew nobody watched that sh-t because no one was tweeting about it! LMAO! Kenya ain’t the queen of sh-t!

  13. Damn all these reality shows are starting to fall off. LHHATL is boring as hell now. BBW and BBWLA suck. RHOA had a great season but Kenya is turning people away in droves. With NeNe out, the show doesn’t stand a chance. I hope everyone left stacks up their coins because I see the show being cancelled in about two seasons.

  14. I didn’t watch and I knew it would flop. Kenya doesn’t have as many fans as she believes. She’s just not very likable. Even her “softer” moments on the show felt fake and forced.

  15. I like Kenya. But a lot of people don’t so I don’t know why anyone is surpassed her one on one was the least watched. Makes sense to me. #shrugs

  16. I’m not surprised at all. I didn’t bother watching because I knew Kenya would play victim, make a bunch of excuses, and blame everyone else for her actions.

    As for NeNe, I’m disappointed in her behavior this season but I can’t deny how entertaining she is. I can’t say much on the future of RHOA but I do know this past season left me exhausted.

  17. Kenya is such an obnoxious hypocrite. I saw her one on one and all I did was yell at my screen and roll my eyes. The reason this woman has stans I will never know, her delusions of grandeur are almost as sickening as her victim mentality. Every situation she instigated was a diabolical plan to tarnish her image….the thing that the other wives have that she lacks is they are relatable on some level. She starts messiness in order to have a storyline then hides her hands at the clap back. She had that stupid fan last year and people were gagging over that annoying thing so she ran with it thinking it was going to give her more buzz, and it backfired. That whole Brandon issue was another desperate plea for the sympathy vote. What I saw was a grown a-s man get hemmed up basically, it happens. He wasnt so weak and frail when he jumped up. Being gay doesn’t have anything to do with it. My bestie will scrap a man to death and not mess up his manicure. Oh yeah and her a-s is shaped like a damn dodecagon. Rant over

  18. Well I like Kenya. I just think she’s too good for the show. In the process of trying to dethrone Nene’s terrible self she’s actually made a fool out of herself on TV. I hope Kenya leaves and focuses on her acting career. She can do better.

    1. If she was too good for the show she wouldn’t be on it. Let that marinate for a second.

  19. Too good for the show? Hah! All the so called mud she’s rolling around in is of her own doing. Nobody else created those situations, Kenya did. And sorry, her acting “career” is as flat and nonexistent as her original as*.

  20. So Nene just showed up to the Bravo upfronts. She is definitely returning to RHOA! That tweet was nothing more but a way to argue for a pay increase because it made her fans start threatening to stop watching the show. Guess it worked.

  21. Nene is not going anywhere. She’s just tweeting what she has to so Bravo will give her another raise.

  22. These housewives shows are all the same. Atlanta was rock bottom in ratings and enter in Kenya and Porsha–now the ratings sky rocket. Porsha with her controlling husband and divorce and Kenya causes fake drama. Now enter in the Jerry Springer and Maury Provich crowd and save the show. Nene is a has been hanging on by a thread.

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