Messy: R Kelly’s Ex-Wife Andrea Divorces New Husband After Text Message Scandal

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is Andrea Kelly still married to Brian McKee? If you’ve been keeping up with the current season of “Hollywood Exes,” then you already know R Kelly’s ex-wife Andrea Kelly was excited to announce her engagement to Brian McKee, and fans of the show just found out like a week ago that the couple married back in March. However, after only two months of marriage, the marriage is already over.

So what caused Andrea’s marriage to her younger beau to go sour so soon? Text messages.

Sister 2 Sister Magazine reports:

Rumors about trouble in their brief marriage started to swirl shortly after season 3 of “Hollywood Exes” premiered. Apparently, women who Brian was currently or had previously dated began sending Drea info about her hubby via social media.

According to text messages, Brian had allegedly hit one woman up asking for financial support, listing his the reasons why he needed money.

“I just got 3000 a month in bills with no job, car pmnt, student loans etc cell,” read the text allegedly sent by Brian.

Jaylynn Umbleby and Drea exchanged Twitter messages on May 12 and Drea thanked Jaylynn for sharing the truth about Brian.

“I read you’re email and I want the world to know I FORGIVE YOU! And you stepped up like a WOMEN,” Drea wrote. “I’M PROUD OF YOU!”



Interestingly enough, Andrea gushed about Brian to Hello Beautiful and told the blog that she hopes they will be together forever earlier this month:

“That is my hope and my prayer that we would be together forever. He’s just a wonderful guy. A God-fearing guy is someone I prayed for.”


But sources reveal to Sister 2 Sister that Andrea has already ended the marriage and she’s now trying to move on with her life.

This is the reality star’s second failed marriage.

Check out tweets of Andrea getting info on Brian below, courtesy of Sister 2 Sister:

andrea kelly twitter


    1. I Like Her Too. She’s My Favorite on The Show. She Read Mayte For Filth Last Week! I Was Even Scared Lmao!

  1. Two months? I’m surprised they even lasted that long. It was clear from jump he was only around because he thought Drea got alimony from Kelz.

  2. Andrea stay losing in the men department. Not only did she marry a child molester, then she turned around and married a conman after that. Sheesh.

  3. I just can’t get into that show it is a snoozer. I’m surprised this show hasn’t been cancelled. Anyways so basically Andrea sacrificed her alimony from R.Kelly for this loser. I don’t even have to watch this show to tell she isn’t very smart.

  4. Yikes. I didn’t even know they had gotten married already. Time for Drea to really wake up and start working on seeing men for what they are ahead of time. She’s too naive.

  5. Well some men can tell the difference between a woman with common sense and a woman they can get over on.

  6. How embarrassing. When she said they were engaged I just had a bad feeling about it. He just didn’t seem like he could be trusted.

  7. Oh Drea! I want her to be happy, but her taste in men is questionable, to say the least. Looks like her gay beastie was right after all.

  8. GAME RECOGNIZE GAME – PROBABLY ROBERT PUT HIM UP TO IT!!!! Not all African-American women plan to go from DIVORCE/SEPARATION TO DEATH WITHOUT AFFECTION! Funny thing is…NO OTHER group of women is expected to!

    1. what does her ethnic background hv 2 do with anything?? She is a woman a hurting woman at that a lady a mother most of all a child of GOD! Why must ppl always try 2 define a person by the color of their skin does it really matter if u must judge her why not look into her heart & actions instead! As 4 me I hope she uses her experience as a tool 2 gain strength wisdom & grow into a more positive direction.

  9. She should have seen he was full of it from day one. At least she ended things before she was in way too deep. Imagine if she stayed and had his baby like 5 years in.

  10. Okay, child support is a given, but if she were also getting alimony didn’t she just blow it by remarrying? If the marriage had lasted, a loss of alimony wouldn’t have been a big deal, but she may have just lost another marriage AND a good check. Now that sucks!

  11. Drea is so goofy and sillified..I’m not surprised that she did not stay married hell she’s still crying over R. Kelly. Mayte sucks!

  12. I was watching the show when Drea walked up with Brian. Something about the chemistry between them seem to be off. I can tell that she was happy… but he didn’t look happy. Sometimes we want to be loved so much that we allow ourselves to believe that the person in front of us is the ONE. If the chemistry is all wrong….. then you are only getting temporary happiness that will not last because it was never real from the start. Looks to me that Drea wanted something and Brian wanted something and it was more of an a agreement so they both would get what they want. Plans like that never last. I hope Drea finds real love with a guy that’s not looking to gain fame from her connections.

  13. Why would Drea married someone that she really doesn’t know? Brian is just a play boy looking for a lot of freebies and Drea was a good catch. She deseves better…hope it’s in the making!God bless her!

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