Is Bambi Still Pregnant by Lil Scrappy? (EXCLUSIVE)

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is Bambi still pregnant? On the most recent episode of LHHATL, Bambi told Lil Scrappy that she was pregnant and he told Kirk Frost that they plan to have the baby.

However, Bambi has not been looking pregnant on her most recent Instagram photos and as a result, many people have flooded her Instagram account to ask her if she’s still pregnant.

But we heard from a little birdie that Bambi actually had a miscarriageĀ and viewers will see it all unfold on the upcoming episodes.

We also heard that the situation was very emotional for Bambi but it causes her to form a stronger bond with Momma Dee.

Now of course, we don’t know how true any of this gossip is but we did notice that Bambi recently posted a photo of her mother and Momma Dee on Mother’s Day and hinted that she spent the holiday with both, so it does appear she has gotten closer to Lil Scrappy’s overprotective mother.

bambi instagram

But we’ll just have to keep tuning in to the reality show to see if the gossip is right and Bambi really did have a miscarriage.


    1. LOL I’m the same way. I feel for her if this really did happen but the show has gotten so fake now that it’s hard to even know what’s real and what isn’t.

    2. I honestly feel like Scrappy and his situations are the mod authentic on the show. Maybe that’s just me though.

  1. Either she had a miscarriage or an abortion. But she’s not pregnant now and they filmed this several months ago. If she was pregnant, she would be showing by now.

  2. Yeah she’s been wearing lots of outfits to show off her midriff. She’s definitely not pregnant.

  3. Damn. Well I will be watching. The show has been boring lately and I have to catch up before the new episode tonight. I hope it gets better. If not, I might have to stop watching.

  4. Poor Bambi. And on top of that, Scrappy was cheating on her too. I’m mad she took him back. He didn’t deserve a second chance.

  5. I hope she isn’t faking all of this just to have a story line! A miscarriage is nothing to play around with.

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