Phaedra Parks Slaps Apollo Nida over Kenya Moore

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last night, the RHOA husbands opened up about quite a bit on their special about their relationships and the dynamics of their hit reality show, and Apollo revealed that there was way more fallout between him and Phaedra than what the Bravo cameras captured.

In fact, Apollo confessed that Phaedra actually slapped him over TextGate/Kenya Moore and even Peter Thomas claims that the slap took place while he was sleeping:

peter thomas twitter

So how are Phaedra and Apollo now? Well Apollo claims they are currently undergoing couple’s therapy to get their marriage back on track even though he will most likely be heading to jail in July.

Did you catch the husbands’ special last night?


  1. She should have slapped him and kicked him out the house. He has been very disrespectful to Phaedra.

  2. She should have done more than that. I think I would have walked over to Apollo and Kenya and told Ms. Nut Job she could have him. #shrugs

  3. He is lucky that is all that Phaedra did. She should have kicked him out the house. How disrespectful he has been to Phaedra he should be lucky he didn’t wake up to hot grits. Loser!!!

    1. In the islands we do hot oil. Same difference! Lots of cheating, and/or abusive black men walking around with very pink skin.

      1. In the southern states we throw grits with hot oil. It leaves the grits embedded in the skin.

  4. Counseling? I don’t know if their marriage can even be saved at this point. Apollo has no respect at all for Phaedra.

  5. I’m Team Twirl, but I will be real and admit that Phaedra can do so much better. She’s a very successful woman & an attorney! What did she see in that convict?

  6. But did anyone catch Todd basically admitting he has a crush on Porsha? They were talking about who was the finest on the show and Peter and Todd said Porsha (Gregg said Lisa Wu). Todd was blushing and everything. *sips tea*

    1. And once again Kenya loses, cuz even if she was giving it away for free they still wouldn’t take it. *side eye at Apollo* I guess getting dic k is one of her 99 problems after all.

    2. Yeah I thought I was the only one who picked up on that during the season. Sometimes Todd would be looking at Porsha like he was in love. I just got the feeling he had a huge crush on Porsha but out of respect for Kandi he never acted on it.

    3. Porsha is banging though. She has a booty that doesn’t look fake like Kenya’s, nice hips and breasts, and she’s got a pretty face. I wasn’t surprised the husbands labeled her the best looking. Most of the men on my newsfeed and timeline love them some Porsha. Too bad she’s an idiot though. It’s ok. Some rich man will marry her (again). :-/

  7. Oh and I actually enjoyed this way more than the reunion. The men were funny, honest and open. We haven’t seen that from the women at all this season, just catty drama every episode.

  8. I think Phaedra is playing the game and keeping it cool because she plans to replace Apollo when he goes back to jail. LMAOOO!

  9. This marriage is over. I can’t see Phaedra waiting on him while he does his new prison sentence. And why should she? He’s been so disrespectful to her about the Kenya situation that she has a right to move on if she wants to.

  10. Apollo was totally out of pocket last night. Everything “wrong” in the marriage he laid at Phaedra’s door, instead of admitting that he’s basically a spoilt man-child who wants to run around like he’s still single, yet reap the benefits of being married. Ugh! He was twanging the hell outta my last everlovin’ nerve.

  11. She should have done much more than that! I could not sit up there and be disrespected by my spouse on TV. I would have filed for a divorce. And he still doesn’t understand what he did wrong. Smh!

  12. If Phaedra doesn’t file for divorce while he’s in prison I may have to stop being Team Phaedra lol.

  13. I just want Apollo to stop talking. Like stop giving interviews because he’s only making himself look worse.

  14. I don’t know what they should or shouldn’t do in terms of their relationship but I can never condone physical violence as part of any solution. If he’d slapped her while she was sleeping he would be all kinds of abusers etc. If this is true, Phaedra is an abuser and should be called out on it. If you don’t want the man anymore for whatever reason, just leave.

    1. You’re not! He has a great body, but always looks like a petulant child who wants his own way. Nope! Not that attractive to me either.

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