Bambi Sets the Record Straight on Rumors of Lil Scrappy Getting Side Chick Pregnant

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Erica Pinkett pregnant by Lil Scrappy? Bambi’s relationship with Lil Scrappy has already been a very emotional one just several months into the on and off romance, but as LHHATL viewers saw on the latest episode, things got pretty real for her after she suffered a miscarriage.

However, early trailers for the current season of the hit reality show made it appear as if Lil Scrappy actually got his side chick Erica Pinkett pregnant.

According to Bambi, it was nothing but shady editing from VH1 and Erica didn’t get knocked up by Lil Scrappy. She tells The Hip Hop Socialite:

“At this point, I don’t think we do know that she’s pregnant. I think people watched the trailer, and didn’t really understand what was going on, but I don’t know if she’s pregnant or not and who the daddy is, but she may be pregnant with an egg, you never know. Birds lay eggs.”


  1. Erica Pinkett has to be one of those hood actresses because she’s the same chick that got into with Traci Steele last season over her baby daddy. This show is so fake

    1. I don’t know if Scrappy’s storyline is fake though. Either way, as long as I’m entertained I don’t care if it’s staged or not.

  2. Ok. I was about to shake my head because it was looking like Scrappy was about to have two baby mamas named Erica.

  3. I figured this much already. I have to admit, the show is starting to get better now. I think Karlie is the reason. Her relationship with Joc is hilarious and so messy!

    1. I might have to start watching my cousin tells me it’s hilarious that Joseline assistant blasted her and Stevie J. Joc’s had his side chick showing him and Karlie a house. Every time I try to stop watching these shows I go back on my word lol. I think I might be addicted reality shows lol.

    2. Yeah it is getting better y’all. The last episode was entertaining. It feels like the the ratchet show we’ve all come to love. Lol. And Gabriella, I’m addicted to reality shows too. I think they are my form of soap operas.

  4. Well it’s probably for the best that he doesn’t have another kid on the way. He really needs to grow up and learn how to get his mama out his business.

  5. Lmao who is Erica Pinkett? I guess I need to catch up on this show. I’m so lost. I haven’t seen any of the new episodes yet.

  6. Where the f-ck does Bambi get off calling someone a bird? Was her past just magically erased? Both her & Bucky were f-cking flavor flav on Flavor of Love . That’s about as nasty as it gets, lmao. Scrappy’s really the idiot for even f-cking with these broads. He enjoys leftovers . Flav’s leftovers at that .

  7. Honestly, I can’t stand Bambi at this point. Erica P simply gave her condolences for her lost and home girl decided to act the damn fool. I personally love Erica, she’s gorgeous and real. I prefer either one of the Ericas for Scrappy.

    1. I hope you are a Christopher and not a Chrissy. What woman wants that to be brought up in the middle of a party and so soon by a THOT she doesn’t know that could be screwing her dude. Plus “cant let go mau dee” instigated that mess before Bambi went over by her.

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