Floyd Mayweather Replaces Shantel Jackson

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Floyd Mayweather’s latest breakup with on and off fiancée Shantel Jackson was a very public one, especially since the boxer wasn’t too happy about Shantel hanging out with rapper Nelly.

Floyd claims things went sour with Shantel because she terminated her pregnancy behind his back, so it makes sense that he may have wasted no time in replacing her with someone else.

Fameolous reports:

The beloved boxer posted a photo of himself and friend Doralie Medina. The repost of the pic by Medina says, “As long as I got this man by my side I will always win it is a reason why he’s 46-0 @FloydMayweather #TBE #TMT #TheBadOne.”

Medina, who is a big supporter of Floyd and The Money Team, is a model who also owns a cosmetics line.

floyd mayweather new boo


    1. Umm well yeah remember he has a whole group of women he sleeps with at the same time. Even Shantel said she’s cool with it because he can afford it. He’s not a one woman kind of person.

  1. She fits Floyd’s prototype of a woman pretty, no morals and values, willing to lay on her back for notoriety and Floyd’s money. This should be a match made in heaven.

  2. This probably won’t last long. He’s still trying to make Shantel jealous. Call me crazy but I think they’ll eventually get back together.

  3. What in the hayle is going on with that photo? They look as if they’re drawn on top of the background.

  4. So after seeing how childish he was when Shantel left him she decides it will be different with her? Oh okay. Good luck with that girl…

  5. Floyd is an insecure dude with lots of issues. He doesn’t need a new chick he needs therapy.

  6. why does this lady look super airbrushed on this pic? let me google her i have no idea who she is

  7. just looked at some other pics of her.i wonder what she looks like with no make up because she has so much on.damn

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