Kevin Hart Responds to Ex-Wife’s Comments About Girlfriend, Torrei Goes Off

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kevin Hart’s ex-wife had some very strong words for his girlfriend Eniko Parrish in her Entertainment Tonight interview and she even claimed that Eniko is indeed the woman Kevin cheated on her with when they were married.

The comedian has already told the media that Eniko was not in the picture while he was married to Torrei but that didn’t stop him from hopping on Twitter and clapping back (read tweets from bottom to top):

kevin hart twitter 4
kevin hart twitter 3
kevin hart twitter 2

When Torrei caught wind of Kevin’s tweets, she wasted no time in hitting up TMZ to put the comedian in his place. She stands by her comments suggesting Eniko was Kevin’s mistress and one of the causes of their divorce:

“Our divorce was finalized two years ago and we were only separated eight months prior to the divorce.

“Despite what Kevin has said, and the time frames he is trying to establish, she was his mistress and was one of the reasons that broke up my family.”


She also tells the site that Kevin needs to own up to his “sh*t” and be a man by admitting that Eniko was in the picture before they even separated.


  1. Like I said on the last post, if Kevin has he right to use the divorce for his career, Torrei should be able to do the same.

    1. I agree. He is still talking about Torrei in his standups and movies. So it’s hypocritical for him to act like she can’t talk about it on her reality show. I think he just want the truth to get out. I believe Torrei when she says Eniko was in the picture while they were still married.

  2. It’s hard to believe Kevin when we know he cheated and lied to his wife. I don’t think he’d be above lying to his fans.

    1. Yeah I thought that was odd. Child supper is something you’re supposed to pay. And it’s for the kids, not the wife.

  3. This got real messy real quick. Like I said earlier if Torrei really wants to build her identity outside of Kevin she needs to stop talking about this situation. What’s done is done ain’t nothing can change that now but let’s keep it real Kevin has thrown subliminal shots at Torrei before and he had a entire comedic routine about his marriage and ex wife. Every time Kevin says Eniko is his rib that’s a shot at Torrei. Both of them just need to stop talking at this point.

  4. This dude is selfish…… even though some agree with her talking and some don’t, but why should she shut up when he’s an “open book” & making millions? & His woman is ok with him making money from his version, so his woman should have many seats when Torrei is telling hers!

  5. LMAAOOOO she’s using him to promote her show! And I don’t see why that’s a problem when he has used her to build his entire career! Fair is fair midget!

  6. He’s been talking about her in all his comedy specials, but she doesn’t have a right to tell her side? No Kevin, it doesn’t work like that. You should have thought about all of that when you made an entire career out of your divorce.

  7. Definitely said on the last post that I didn’t see this ending well. And here it is. That didn’t take long. Talking about it is one thing. Stirring up drama for the sake of a storyline is another. I hate that this had to happen.

  8. Oh boo hoo Kevin. You trashed your wife in your standups and called her all call of b-tches to entertain strangers. So she damn sure can talk about you for a STORYLINE. Sit!

  9. I think it’s pretty hypocritical for people to defend Kevin and say he can talk about his divorce and drag his wife in his stand ups but she can’t tell her side. Kevin did it to get fame and make money. Til this day he’s still eating off his divorce and jokes he told about his ex wife. But Torrei can’t eat off her divorce too? He stirred the pot and told everyone she’s crazy and she let him do his thing. But now it’s her turn to talk and people want her to be quiet? Nah. The only reason people are saying that is because Kevin is famous and they can’t get their heads out his a-s long enough to see both sides.

  10. Definitely agree with the sentiment that she can capitalize off of their divorce the same way he has.

  11. The show is called Atlanta Exes and it’s about exes of celebs…what do some of y’all expect her to talk about? :-/

  12. Kevin is lying! He has been with Eniko for 5 years. He and Torrei separated in 2010 and divorced in 2011. So if you do the math you’ll clearly see he was with Eniko while he was married. Yeah Torrei needs to move on but Kevin needs to tell the damn truth.

  13. How were y’all over 7 years ago Kevin if you didn’t even separate until 2010? Damn he stay lying about this.

  14. I think Kevin just doesn’t want his GF to be seen as a home wrecker even though that’s what she is. But his son is 6 so we know him and Torrei have not been over for 7 years. He’s really making himself look like a d-ck right now.

  15. Damn I can’t stand this short lil man. I don’t know what the hype is about him. Isn’t Eniko mixed with Asian? If she is he don’t know what he dealing with.. Them Asian blood love money and once it’s gone, they go too.

  16. I can tell this magazine is read by women predominately…smh. Why is everyone bashing Kev? He’s moved on and admitted to cheating time and time again. Why is his ex still on this? Yes, Kevin used it too but he didn’t harp on it like a victim. I wish she would STFU and stop whining. You want to use the divorce to promote your career then do it in a positive light showing how you emerged from a toxic relationship successfully. Stop all the bickering and shots at his girlfriend. She sounds basic and I’m so sick of hearing about it. Women experience this everyday….ugh. I loathe weak women and the even weaker women that fuel their pathetic fires. *drops mic*

    1. And we can tell you’re a woman by how you’re exaggerating. “Everyone” is not bashing Kevin. But we simply think it’s unfair that Kevin can tell his side of the divorce in his comedy routines and base his whole career on bashing his ex wife and when she tells her side, his fans think she needs to shut up and move on. Well why can’t Kevin shut up and move on? Torrei said nothing when he called her crazy in his standups. She took it like a champ when he portrayed her as an angry black woman on Real Husbands of Hollywood. And once again, she said nothing when he signed a deal with ABC to create a sitcom about his divorce. He continued to use his divorce for his career and she should be able to do the same. Fair is fair. Y’all weren’t mad when he disrespected this woman in his career and called her a crazy b-tch for the sake of a few laughs, but she can’t tell her side on her reality show? Nah, it doesn’t work like that. Tell Kevin to stop talking about her in his material before you try to silence Torrei. And for the record, I can’t stand weak women who can’t respect that people can have different opinions. You don’t know sh*t about any of us or our lives. Grow up.

      Let that woman eat off her divorce because Kevin still is. And he can’t portray himself as the victim when he’s the one who cheated genius. *drops mic even louder like a real G*

    2. Damn some of y’all are slow and so emotionally invested in this. Look, Torrei has moved on. She has a boyfriend and she’s happy. But she understands what it takes to make a reality show interesting. She knows she has to milk this divorce to get people to tune in to Atlanta Exes (and it’s working). It’s the same reason RHOA was full of cat fights this season and LHHATL is so ratchet. People love drama. If you can’t be smart enough to see through her act, you’re really naive. This woman is playing the game and making money from her divorce like Kevin has done. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. It’s not that deep. LOL.

    3. “Why is his ex still on this? Yes, Kevin used it too but he didn’t harp on it like a victim.” – It’s easy to take the high road when you’re the one that cheated. Peace.

  17. I don’t get this whole black women should be strong talk and hold in their hurt just for the sake of looking strong. That’s dumb as f-ck. We are always telling black women to shut up and move on and be strong when they are hurting. This is why some sisters are killing themselves and taking their secrets to the grave because they don’t want to get called weak by some dumb a-s black women who feel the need to crucify the black women who deal with their hurt in a healthy way by TALKING about it. I shudder at the sisters defending Kevin, hell he doesn’t even like black women like that. Wake up you zombies.

    1. Well that’s not what I was saying when I said she should let happiness be the best revenge. I don’t have a problem with her talking about the divorce because she has a right too. Kevin does all the time and made a career out of it. I just want her to make sure she’s doing everything in her power to be happy despite what happened with Kevin. Now if this is just an act for her reality show, I mean cool. I don’t have a problem with Torrei making her own money the same way Kevin has. But I do agree that black women have the right to vent and deal with our emotions in a public way if we choose to. That has no real merit in whether someone is weak or strong anyway.

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