Kevin Hart’s Girlfriend Responds to Homewrecker Claims + Torrei Hart Defends Right to Talk About Divorce

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Yesterday, Kevin Hart and his ex-wife Torrei Hart battled it out on social media and the blogs over just what caused their demise. And according to Torrei, Kevin’s current girlfriend Eniko Parrish is one of the main reasons they divorced because Kevin was allegedly sleeping with Eniko while he was married.

Kevin once again denied the accusations and claims Eniko had nothing to do with his marriage ending, but Torrei called him out on exaggerating dates to make Eniko look innocent.

Either way, Eniko took to her Instagram account to address the issue and she says she plans to take the classy route during the whole ordeal:

eniko instagram


In related news, Torrei Hart is busy defending her right to discuss her divorce. According to an open letter she shared on Instagram, she thinks it’s very biased that the comedian’s fans feel Kevin has the right to discuss their divorce all throughout his career but she can’t do the same:

@kevinhart4real has been my biggest inspiration I’ve watched him from the beginning he is the hardest working man I know. But in order for people to grow and prosper sometimes God will force you out of someone’s shadow. The hardest thing I ever had to do was lose my family. But as I heal and grow I understand why it had to happen. Yes I was broken at a point in my life but that is only natural for someone who’s had to suffer what I had to suffer.

Our divorce was finalized two years ago and we were only separated 8 months prior to the divorce. Despite what @kevinhart4real has said and the time frames he is trying to establish Eniko Parrish @neekibaby was his mistress and was one of the reasons that broke up my family. I have more proof but Kevin should just be honest for both of our healing. I want @kevinhart4real and I to be friends like he portrays we are to the media.

@kevinhart4real has gained success by using his family as his number one source of material. From his stand up to his tv shows he’s used my personal life as his main story line. So at this place in my career I know he is one of the reason doors are opening up for me. And I am grateful to him for that. And we both have been blessings to each other in that area. So now that the doors are opened the work ethic that I have always had is no longer standing in his shadow pushing his career, now it’s shining so I can have my own.


  1. Wait. Eniko CANNOT be talking about being classy when she had no problems sleeping with a married man and aiding in the destruction of a marriage. Just stop it.

    1. Right. A classy woman knows how to find a single man to settle down with. Something she clearly did not do.

  2. Is EnGoldDigger serious? How is she classy when she was spreading the cheeks for a married man? Girl shut your hypocritical a-s up.

  3. Class? That’s funny because usually it takes a classless woman to be ok with being a mistress. But anyway, we’ll see if Eniko sticks around once Kevin’s career goes cold as it did with every other black comedian that came before him.

  4. Now see I was riding with Eniko on the fact that I felt Torrei was just being bitter but nah son, you don’t get to speak about class when you smashed Kevin’s short and ugly a-s while he was still married. You can’t be this dumb girl.

  5. I’m not a fan of “open letters” posted on instagram but I like what she (Torrei) had to say in the last paragraph. Eniko’s posted “quote” on class is long-winded and out of place, in my humble opinion.

  6. If he loves Eniko so much, why aren’t they married yet? I mean she’s shown how dedicated she is to him by breaking up his marriage and already playing step mommy to his kids. What’s the hold up Kevin? I thought she was your rib. :-/

  7. I’m not even going to address Eniko’s ridiculous response. But Torrei makes some very good points. In essence, she really is just doing the same thing Kevin does in his career. She’s telling her side of the story. Why haven’t Kevin’s fans told him to move on and let go of his failed marriage when he uses it for the majority of his stand up routines and shows? It’s very hypocritical how black women are barked at and told to let things go but these black men and celebs can make albums and movies/shows about their failed relationships all the time and no one minds it.

  8. LOL people tend to be “classy” when it’s convenient for them. I’m honestly tired of hearing both Kevin and Torrei talk about this divorce. I never felt that she didn’t have a right to, but she probably should’ve done this sooner, like when Kevin was touring. Now it just looks to me like she’s trying to bring attention to a reality tv show.

    1. Thank you, Torrei is blowing me with this opportunistic bullsh*t. Just say you’re promoting and stop playing this hurt game.

  9. No one in this situation has shown class. Eniko is a gold digger who broke up a marriage so she could live the Hollywood lifestyle because she saw early on that Kevin would become a star. Kevin is a male tramp who cheated on the woman who held him down when he was just broke and trying to get on for a pretty gold digger. And Torrei is classless for using all of this to promote her reality show.

  10. When is Torrei’s show coming? I’m going to support her fully by watching it. Why can’t she use her divorce just as much as Kevin is? One thing is Kevin doesn’t want negative publicity and he knows damn well his midget self cheated that’s why he is being so defensive. That rib of his that he is fighting so hard to defend is just some ordinary light skinned chick that wouldn’t give him a care in the world if he was just a regular Joe working a 9 to 5 job. They be looking weird on red carpets anyways.. She is up there and he is way below…

    1. The show comes out on VH1 this August. I can’t wait either. Tameka and Torrei are going to bring it. LOL.

      1. Thank you girl!!! It’s going to be way up on my DVR..I live for these celebrity drama Lol. I’m not ashamed to admit it. Torrei has a unique beauty about her.. She has a baby face

  11. I agree with Torrei. She has every right to talk about the divorce. Kevin continues to and it’s about time her side of the story is told.

  12. I’m Team Torrei on this one. There’s not a damn thing classy about sleeping with a married man. Eniko is such a delusional bird. She’s letting her little gold digger wannabe stans pump her head up with air.

  13. No Eniko, you’re not classy. If you were, you would have fell in love with an available man. Now you will forever be labeled as a home wrecker and former side chick turned main. I guess that doesn’t matter as long as you can sit on your a-s and not work because Kevin’s money is available.

  14. “This too shall pass?” I guess she said the same thing about Kevin’s marriage when she met him. lol

  15. I think it’s really sexist and ignorant for women to tell Torrei that talking about the divorce makes her bitter. Why wasn’t Kevin called bitter when he said she’s a crazy b*tch in his standup routines and TV show? The fact is both have a right to talk about the divorce. And we need to stop telling sisters that expressing their hurt makes them weak and shutting up and hurting inside while a man dogs you out is strength…no, that is submissiveness and she no longer owes him that.

  16. I’m definitely team Torrei. There is nothing classy about being a home wrecker, and destroying a marriage which is what Eniko did. She must not know if Kevin cheated with her he’ll cheat on her. I have just one thing to say to tramp Eniko. “girl SHUT THE F UP”!

  17. I’m definitely team Torrei. There is nothing classy about being a home wrecker, and destroying a marriage which is what Eniko did. She must not know if Kevin cheated with her he’ll cheat on her. I have just one thing to say to tramp Eniko. “girl SHUT THE F UP”!

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