Tae Heckard Exposed

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tae Heckard’s new romance with her fiancé Brandon Jennings has received lots of public scrutiny since Teyana Taylor put the couple on blast, but now it appears Tae’s rather interesting past is coming out regardless since she’s trying to tie the knot with Brandon.

According to TMZ, Tae just filed paperwork with the courts to end her domestic partnership with a woman so she can make things official with Brandon:

There are rumblings that Jennings and Heckard are engaged — but fact is, Heckard can’t legally tie the knot until she terminates her relationship with a woman named Monique Blanton … who she domestically partnered up with back in 2008.

According to court docs filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Lashontae took Monique’s last name — so, their relationship appears to have been more than just a way to save on taxes.

Either way, Tae notes in legal docs that she and Monique separated in 2011 … citing irreconcilable differences.


  1. So the tea about her really being a lesbian is true. I’m sure she will still be checking for women while she spends up the the couple of millions Brandon has to his name. He’s an idiot but he deserves the good burning Tae will give him.

  2. LOL@ this bish already being married and to a woman at that. How much more proof does this man need to see that she’s not into him, just his pockets and fame?

  3. I always got the vibe that she was really into women. So Tae switched teams so she could get the lifestyle she wants because she damn sure wasn’t going to get it on her own with her faux acting and modeling career. I see you Tae.

    1. That’s what it looks like to me. She couldn’t profit from the lesbian team and figured out she needed a baller to guarantee living the luxury lifestyle without working for any of it herself. This should be a red flag to Brandon but he’s too busy trying to make Teyana jealous that he is too dumb to see it for what it is.

  4. And it begins. Looks like Teyana won’t have to say another word about the situation because karma is on its way.

  5. So Tae has been running around here with Nelly and playing house with his kids and the whole time she was pretty much married to a woman? This chick can’t be trusted. If she separated from that woman in 2011, why didn’t she file this paperwork then? She has probably been dipping in and out with that woman the whole time.

    1. I won’t be surprised if it comes out later that she’s been sharing some of Brandon’s money with her wife. Hell they are probably plotting on how to walk away with half of Brandon’s bank account as I type. There’s a reason she didn’t file this paperwork until now.

  6. Who couldn’t see she was only in it for the money? Regardless, she won’t be the first or last lesbian to pretend to be straight for money.

  7. Tae must be geeked about all the attention she’s been getting lately. I still don’t know who she is or what she does for a living.

  8. I can’t even say I’m surprised. I heard for a while now that Tae is gay and married to a woman. She’s clearly after his money.

  9. Well she could be bisexual but the issue is her past record is full of groupie like behavior and gold digging so I can see why it’s easy to believe she’s into women and faking being straight to get into Brandon’s pockets.

  10. Well to be fair Amber Rose did the same thing. Y’all don’t remember when her girlfriend called her out for faking being straight so she could get with Kanye? It’s no mystery that Wiz’s simp a-s married her and Kanye can’t stand her now. Kanye is salty she used him.

  11. He is thinking with his d-ck. Wait until she empties his bank account. She only has an Instagram career at the moment as far as I know… What else is she doing?

  12. I found lots of info and many pics of her here [Link Removed] so leave her alone. she can marry whoever she wants

  13. Seriously, who is this woman? I keep seeing her on here and I have no idea who she is. What does she do for a living? I’m so confused.

  14. She’s probably just another groupie who thinks she just hit the lottery with Brandon. A fool and his money are soon parted!

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