Amid Homewrecker Claims, Eniko’s Dad Goes Off

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kevin Hart and his girlfriend Eniko Parrish have been under fire this week since Kevin’s ex-wife Torrei Hart accused the couple of beginning their romance while he was married.

The comedian has denied the accusations repeatedly and Eniko made it clear on her Instagram account that she is going to take the “classy” route and not even address the claims.

But there’s one person who is speaking out for Eniko, and that’s her father.

He got on Instagram the other day and went off on someone for calling his daughter a homewrecker. Blogger Sip The Tea obtained the screenshot:

eniko dad goes off copy


  1. So he’s really going to compare a TV show to real life? He’s not the brightest. But then again, he can’t be if he’s going off like this on Instagram.

  2. I’m over all these people. Look, the dates add up and it’s obvious he cheated on Torrei with his current girlfriend. Lying about it only makes them look worse. Own it and keep it moving.

  3. The mere fact that he wrongly assumes that most women are sleeping with married men really validates Eniko’s reputation of being a home wrecker. Apparently her parents think it’s not a big deal and very typical behavior from women. I’m glad I was raised better than that.

  4. Well in the process of trying to deny that Eniko came in the picture while he was married, he actually confirmed it. And he’s cool with it. Well if that’s how they roll, cool. #shrugs

  5. Was he supposed to be making Eniko look better with this rant because he actually made her look worse.

  6. Where has he been? People drag Scandal all the time for the whole sleeping with a married man storyline. And frankly it’s made the show lame to me. He’s reaching like hell to clean up his daughter’s messiness.

  7. How was he out and over Torrei when she just had a baby by him around the same time Kevin says it was over? Damn they need to get together and get their lies proper. LOL.

  8. I was with him at first but then it just went downhill. It sounds like he is ok with married people cheating. That’s a sign that he has a huge character flaw and a lack of morals.

  9. Torrei remained silent while Kevin dragged her and told the world she was crazy. But now that she’s speaking her truth, it’s a problem for Kevin and Eniko? That’s absolutely ridiculous and shows that there’s some guilt there. They need to simmer down and just accept that Torrei has a right to talk about it and be on a reality show. If they don’t like, tough.

  10. I’d respect Kevin and Eniko more if they just admitted the truth. I mean most of us already came to the conclusion before Torrei even said a word. This isn’t new information. But the more they lie, the more turned off I get.

  11. That’s the standard mistress lie. “They were already separated!” Really b-ch? Come up with something more original. The truth is mistresses like EnGoldDigger and her daddy (yes, he gives me male mistress teas) label a married person “separated” if they are out here f-cking other people, even if their spouse hasn’t gotten the memo yet.

  12. None of this matters really. Let’s just revisit the topic when Kevin’s career gets stale. I’m sure locating Eniko then will be like looking for Waldo.

  13. Damn her daddy needs to log off IG ASAP. He can’t change people’s opinions on the situation. To some, Eniko will always be a homewrecking THOT. And to those who aspire to marry rich, she’s a hero. It is what is is.

  14. Sir find you some business instead defending your whore of a daughter and her homewrecking ways.

  15. I’m gonna give some parts to the story the benefit of the doubt. I can see Kevin meeting Eniko and he probably lied and said that he was separated and living in a separate home. I can see her believing him especially if she was at that separate home and probably told her father the same thing. Then that’s where it stops. Number one thing is, why are you still dating a married men, period? If he’s still MARRIED ie not DIVORCED then you shouldnt believe anything he says. Second thing is of course he has a separate home! The guy is rich and that’s not uncommon for rich men to own multiple homes. Third, as soon as she found out he was still married and not living a separate life, she should of left. If you guys were together for 7 years and he has a 6 year old, please. Get real here. I’m gonna let go what the dad said here because he was defending his daughter and what she told him. Can’t really get mad at a dad loving his daughter, no matter how dumb and wrong she was.

    1. Yeah I agree. Hell if Kevin lied to his wife, he probably lied to Eniko and everyone else involved. Let’s just keep it real.

  16. I can’t imagine my parents defending the bad choices I make in life. They always tell me when I’m wrong and it helps me become a better person. And that’s all I have to say on this post.

  17. I’m so glad my parents aren’t on Instagram, Facebook or any of these other social media platforms. LOL.

  18. Sir, no wonder your daughter turned a side hoe because you sound like you were a side nigha yourself messing with people’s marriages..
    Oh well he will defend her to the extreme because Kevin money is probably taking care of him right now..

  19. How old is this man? Umm sir, if your daughter is grown enough to lay with a known married man, then, she is grown enough to handle the consequences that comes with it. If y’all want Torrei to shut up, tell Kevin & your daughter (& probably you too) to give back all the money he’s made off of her.

  20. Sir you sound like you have no respect for marriage or relationships. I can almost bet that you have cheated as well and your daughter has learned how to be a side chick. Kevin Hart won’t get a dollar out of me.

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