Kenya Moore Shows off a New Man

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kenya Moore was busted recently spending some quality time with a very married man several weeks ago causing many to speculate that her African Prince never made an appearance on RHOA because he’s married with three kids and has to be kept a secret.

Kenya never addressed the reports which linked her to Tonye Cole, although she did spend time with him recently on the campus of Harvard.

But now she’s showing off a new man on Instagram:

kenya moore instagram

kenya moore instagram 2

kenya moore instagram 3

kenya moore instagram 4


  1. I wonder how much she paid for this one, and what skeletons are going to come running out of his closet in a few. Kenya stay losing!!!

  2. TRICK….with a bag full them!!! SHE MISSED HER CALLIN…should be a writer…a hellva imagination…

  3. SHE IS SUPER BOGUS FOR THIS? Ughhhh someone pls put her in a movie….oh yeah no1 wants to fck wit her cause she is a retarded bogus ol lady….too bad for her

  4. Looks like her friend Brandon. Add that to her crazy antics list. Plus didn’t Nene say it was dark when she saw him and the guy had a thick accent? Let’s be real here, that is probably not the guy that Nene saw.

    1. Jealous of what? You know jealousy is usually warranted when someone is very successful and has an accomplished life everyone dreams of. What has Kenya accomplished since winning Miss USA 20 years ago? Straight to DVD movies? Becoming a main villain on a reality show by making a fool out of herself? Dealing with married men? No thank you. I don’t want a thing about her life at all. Team Twirl, y’all need to raise your standards. Y’all get impressed by the most lackluster things and it’s embarrassing. At least most of us tend to stan for people who are actually doing big things. Only Team Twirl stans for someone on RHOA. Kenya is just another washed up reality star living off an accomplishment from 20 years ago. Get real.

  5. I think the married man is the closest we’ll ever get to the truth when it comes to Kenya. She is never going to open up and let people know who her real boo is after the Walter fiasco. And that’s her choice.

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