Erica Dixon Isn’t Happy About Less Screen Time

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ever since Erica Dixon and Lil Scrappy decided it would be best to move on and date other people, it’s probably hard not to notice that she’s become a non-factor on the current season of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.”

Fans of Erica Dixon have noticed it too and they are furious because even Erica’s budding romance with model O’Shea isn’t really something the producers want to dedicate a lot of screen time to.

Apparently Erica is feeling some kind of way about the producers as a result of her lack of camera time, so she tweeted the following (read tweets from top to bottom):

erica dixon twitter


  1. Erica isn’t ratchet enough for Mona, nor is she willing to fake wanting Scrappy’s bum a-s for a storyline like Bambi’s wack a-s. Good for her.

  2. Yeah they are pretty much fading her out the show. All because she doesn’t deal with Scrappy anymore. I hate that.

  3. She’s too good for the show now. I bet they won’t even bring her back next season. Bambi is her replacement because she’s willing to do everything Erica won’t (fight over Scrappy Doo and kiss Momma Dee’s a-s).

  4. I like Erica but the show is now too fake and trashy for her. She is going to be ok because unlike everyone else, she had a real job before the show in the medical field. Wasn’t she a medical coder or something like that?

  5. Erica please don’t be turning into a thirst bucket. She should be ok with less camera time from the little scene I seen with her it looks like it is shaping up her to be tricking on that model. I wouldn’t want to be seen as a trick on tv.

  6. Erica was always boring to me. She only got on the show because of Scrappy and now that he’s moved on it’s only fitting that her scenes be cut in half. Get over yourself boo.

  7. Well she has to be with Scrappy to be relevant on the show. I mean isn’t he how she got on there to begin with? He has a new girl so of course the show would give Bambi more screen time.

  8. I really thought they would show her more and we would see more of this new relationship but if O’Shea is just another broke loser, I’m glad we haven’t seen more on the relationship. I’m tired of watching all these women deal with losers. It’s like everyone’s storyline is starting to look the same now.

  9. Well what did she expect when Bambi came into the picture? Basically Bambi is the new Erica. I don’t even think they will ask for Erica to come back next season. Mimi either if she completely stops entertaining Stevie. That’s how reality tv works. When the person who brings you on the show stops dealing with you, you become a non factor and eventually you get the pink slip.

  10. Well hopefully she’s used the show to her advantage up until this point so that if they do phase her out later, she has other things and opportunities going for herself. I’d hope that none of these people would ever set out to get on and STAY on. Buuuuut, then again….this is Love & Hip Hop we’re talking about. So *shrug*

  11. It was inevitable. She’s not dealing with Lil Scrappy anymore and no one cares about this O’Shea dude.

  12. And what exactly are the producers hating on Erica? You’re one of the most forgettable people on the show.

  13. The producers said that she was boring on the Love and Hip Hop Christmas Special. She want be returning next season. If she wanted a story line she should of went with her bi-sexual model boyfriend using her for a come up because its true.

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