Sports Journalist Stephen A. Smith Slams Tiny

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Everyone has an opinion in the T.I., Floyd Mayweather and Tiny Harris situation, even well-known sports journalist Stephen A. Smith. Apparently Smith feels Tiny is wrong for publicly slamming her husband on Instagram about his behavior for the last several months.

During a recent episode of “First Take,” he says:

“Why would the wife go on Twitter and dime out her husband like that? That doesn’t make sense to me. If it were true, that is your husband and he is supposed to take precedent over everybody else. Even if he’s wrong, that’s something that you tell him privately. You don’t tell the world he was wrong. That’s the dude you go home to…If I have a wife and I go on Twitter and she’s telling the world that I’m wrong, the next call she may get is from a divorce attorney.”

Check out the video below:


  1. It’s amazing how rarely society ever puts any blame on cheating men, but expects women who have been cheated on to stay in their places and take it all in stride. It’s pretty much the same thing with the Kevin Hart situation. I can’t even tell you how sad it was for me to see women calling Torrei all kinds of bitter and angry while they defended Kevin’s actions. It’s sickening.

  2. I understand what he is trying to say but he didn’t know all the details and he said that, so he really shouldn’t have said anything on the subject. Furthermore why are they discussing this on ESPN first take just because Floyd’s a boxer doesn’t mean they have grounds to discuss this. That entire segment was weird.

  3. No, I am not going to put blame on Tiny when all of this could have been prevented if T.I. showed her some respect and was a faithful husband.

    1. Exactly. It’s not like there’s a rule book that she must live by or else. If she chooses to publicly out him, so be it. If she chooses to later forgive him and take him back, so be it. Bottom line is that SHE is the offended party and it’s completely her call. Smith and no one else has cause to pick her behavior apart. If he insists on taking someone to task, it should be Tip, not Tiny.

  4. Wow he is such a douche. Tiny was only defending herself after people started blaming her for TI’s actions. Smdh.

  5. I definitely have to disagree with him on this. Tiny has a right to be angry and express herself however she sees fit. She is hurting now and her husband has mistreated her. And the fact that he did it in such a public way should not be overlooked either.

  6. We live in a society that is always placing the blame on women for men’s actions. No one held a gun to TI’s head and forced him to act like a fool and confront Floyd over a damn IG picture. He chose to do that on his own. And he shouldn’t have considering he has been cheating on Tiny so publicly for months now. Every day he’s on the blogs creeping with some random whore. He even spent Mother’s Day with a whore. So all fingers need to be pointed at TI and TI alone.

  7. I get what he’s saying. But I also get what everyone else on here is saying. Marital issues should be handled within the marriage; no matter who’s at fault. But in the era of blogs and social media (especially as a celebrity), that’s difficult to do. And while I think Tiny is very capable of keeping private issues private, it has to do something to a person to be attacked on a public platform when you’re already dealing privately with whispers of affairs and another baby. So yeah, she spazzed. I won’t say “right” or “wrong,” in regards to that…. but if marriage was that sacred to him, he should have never stepped out on her to begin with. Don’t disregard vows and then cry foul when the odds are no longer in your favor later on down the line. It’s crazy how women are the only ones ever held to a certain standard…no matter what we’re up against. Ugh!

  8. He needs to mind his own lack of business. And now I can see why he’s never been married too.

  9. If there are all these sightings of Tip at a new house and partying it up with other women on the net, then how is Tiny disrespecting him? Yes, most people prefer to deal with marital problems privately, but if she chooses to address it publicly then that’s her business. S. A$$hole Smith needs to continue commenting on sports cause he sucks at being a relationship expert. It’s not just a man’s world these days, booboo!

  10. I didn’t read about this incident yet; only saw a little of it and still not clear what it was about; but not too long ago TI came at Tiny on social media for a picture she posted; so I guess what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Although I don’t think when you have a union whether married or just bf/gf it should be aired out on social media.

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