August Alsina Cuts up at Little Rock Concert

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Up and coming R&B singer August Alsina is no stranger to controversy considering he has already had his first public beef with fellow R&B singer Trey Songz and of course there was that awkward situation that occurred during his recent appearance on “106 & Park.”

Although Trey and August have squashed the beef, it appears August is back in the headlines and in the middle of controversy once again.

During his recent show in Little Rock, the singer was feeling the crowd so much that he dived in with fans but all hell broke loose once he realized his hat had gone missing. Apparently someone stole the hat while he was in the crowd.

August hopped back on stage and ranted about the hat and demanded he get it back or he would end the show immediately:

“Don’t play with me like that my n*gga. I came out here to f*ck with y’all. So if you got it…ain’t nobody leaving up out this b*tch until I get it! Straight up! Wait a sec! Or we gon’ cause a mothaf-ckin riot!”

Once it was clear no one was going to return the hat, August apologized to his fans and ended the show.

While many were furious with August, fans of the singer are claiming the hat just wasn’t any hat. It actually belonged to his deceased brother and it was very important to him. Knowing this piece of information, was August’s reaction justified?


  1. *sigh* If it’s that important to you, don’t make it accessible to others plain and simple. These fans ain’t loyal no more. Lol!!!

  2. I know how it feels to hang on to something of someone who passed away as a way to cope. I won’t judge him for this one. I would be very upset too.

    1. Yeah I so agree. Been there, so I get it. I just wish he wouldn’t have punished the innocent fans who were out there that night.

  3. Nah. I get why he’s upset but this is like the fifth time he has went off about something. If he keeps this up, he’ll become the R&B version of Kanye and people will stop supporting him. He has to chill out.

  4. No, it wasn’t justified. Fans do this stuff all the time. He has to learn how to deal with it or find another career.

  5. When will these artists learn that diving in the audience rarely ends well? Someone will always try to steal something just so they can tell everyone they got so and so’s hat. Didn’t the same thing just happen to ASAP Rocky? Just stay on stage and keep the drama to a minimum.

  6. August is making it real hard to rock with him because he does the dumbest ish. Like why would you jump in the crowd with anything valuable. He from the hood so he should know he ain’t getting back. So he basically punished fans who did nothing wrong he is definitely hurting his brand.

  7. He’s a dumb a-s tho. He knows how hood n-ggas operate. That hat should have never been on his head in the first place if it was so valuable.

  8. I can’t get with this because he punished fans who didn’t steal his hat by ending the show. He’s very immature if you ask me.

      1. LOL are you serious? 21 means he is no longer a child, yet he continues to behave like one. But whatever. I can’t even blame him for that when his fans keep making excuses for his behavior.

  9. Yeah I get the sentimental aspect of it but it’s still a bad look. He continues to spazz out and make himself look bad for some reason. As a new artist, he’s really hurting his image…already.

  10. He really needs to grow up and stop it with these antics. Every time I read about him he’s going off about something. It’s getting old.

  11. I feel bad if that was his brother’s hat, but there’s no need to punish everyone that came to support him just because he chose to dive in the audience & one person took it. However fans in the new generation don’t seem to mind when entertainers disrespect them so I’m sure it won’t matter either way.

  12. This is why you don’t ever jump into the audience. There’s always a group of haters waiting for you to slip, so they can steal your sh-t. Real talk.

  13. I’m trying to give this guy a chance because I like his music but his personality leaves a lot to be desired.

  14. I’ll give him a pass. The hat has sentimental value so I can sympathize with him being upset about it.


  15. If it meant so much to him he would have took it off prior to him jumping in the crowd. I’m just sick of him already all he do is complain and rant about how much of a real ni99a he is. Boy Please!

  16. If it is that valuable to you, don’t wear it. If you wear it, don’t do dumb sh*t like dive in an audience full of ppl who don’t have anything to lose.

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