Dwight Howard on Baby Number Six?

Photo Credit: Keith Allison
Photo Credit: Keith Allison

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

NBA star Dwight Howard is rumored to have a pretty scandalous life off of the basketball court, with some reports claiming the athlete has fathered at least five kids with multiple women.

Although he just had a baby last year with his latest girlfriend Christine Vest, it’s now being rumored that he got one of his other baby mamas pregnant again.

Terez Owens writes:

Houston Rockets big man Dwight Howard really needs to start seriously thinking about getting snipped, because we’ve been scooped the NBA player known as Superman is about to have another baby. Our sources tell us his # 2 baby mama is once again pregnant, allegedly with Dwight’s super sperm. So if we want to gather up a tally, that would be six children from five women.



Of course this is purely just gossip for now.


  1. I hope he’s smart with his money because if he’s not, child support will eat up his pockets and he’ll be another Terrell Owens/Chad Johnson.

  2. Someone better get another endorsement check. I betcha Royce is laughing on the way to cash her child support check!

  3. He’s another one who is too stupid to use his brain instead of his peen. All these kids will cost him and he’ll be filing for bankruptcy once his career is over.

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