Lil Scrappy Gets Busted Trying to Cheat on Bambi?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lil Scrappy cheating on Bambi, again? When will celebrities learn that their every move is being watched, especially on Instagram?

Lil Scrappy confirmed recently that he is still dating “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” newbie Bambi, and just a few months into their romance, they already had a major hurdle to overcome in the form of a miscarriage. While the situation should have been one to make Bambi and Scrappy’s bond even stronger, it appears that the couple is still dealing with the same issues that made them split in the first place…Lil Scrappy’s desire to stray.

The other day Scrappy appeared to try to flirt with another woman on Instagram but he ended up getting called out for his attempt pretty quickly. Blogger The Shade Room snapped the screenshot before the reality star deleted his comments:

lil scrappy cheating bambi instagram



Based off the screenshot, we can’t really say for sure that Lil Scrappy is cheating with this woman but this does make a strong case for those who believe Lil Scrappy is still dealing with the same commitment issues that ended his relationship with Erica Dixon.


  1. Lil Scrappy is never going to do right with any woman he is with. He is who he is. A mama’s boy.

  2. I don’t see what women see in him anyway. He just seems like a bum to me. The nerve of him to be a cheater too.

  3. Bambi knew what she was getting into. She’s only dealing with it because she was cut from BBWLA. She needs the check, so she will play along.

  4. Scrappy will never be monogamous. Especially since his mom tells him he should have multiple women and he needs to learn how to “control his b*tches.”

  5. And he will keep cheating on her because she allows it. I know she needs that VH1 check but at some point she needs to chuck the deuces and find another hustle that isn’t stripping away her dignity.

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