Brandon Jennings & Tae Heckard Set the Date

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The last time we heard anything from Teyana Taylor’s ex Brandon Jennings and his new fiancée Tae Heckard, Heckard was filing separation papers to the court to legally put an end to her domestic partnership with another woman. But it appears Brandon wasn’t fazed a bit that his wife to be had taken someone else’s last name before him, and the wedding is still very much on.

In fact, Brandon posted what appears to be confirmation that a wedding date has been set to Instagram the other day while also letting a popular wedding planner know he’s interested in his services:

brandon jennings instagram

As for Teyana, she appears to have moved on from the situation and hasn’t commented on the couple on social media in weeks.


  1. They will be over before that wedding even happens. Brandon is only trying to use Tae to get under Teyana’s skin. And I’m saying this as a Rihanna fan.

  2. Bridezilla is never a good look for a man! This has media whore and fumes of desperation wafting all over it.

  3. I don’t see these two lasting. They stunt too much. It’s like they are only together for Instagram likes. Weirdos.

  4. It is so obvious that Brandon is still into Teyana because it is like he tries to purposely hook up with people that has a connection to Teyana. First he tried with Karrueche that didn’t work now he got with Tae who needed a new sponsor. I believed everything Teyana said about Brandon and Tae because you can call Teyana a lot of things but she isn’t a liar.

  5. This publicity stunt won’t even make it into 2015. Once Brandon sees no one cares, not even Teyana he’ll move on to someone else.

    1. She should be happy he’s gone. She dodged a bullet. He has some issues and likes too much attention.

    2. Nah she’s good. She knows Brandon only wants a reaction so she’s not going to give him that anymore. Once he sees she’s over it, he will be over Tae.

  6. He will do anything to hurt Teyana. He’s such a lame. And you can tell he’s only doing this because he wants to make Teyana snap. That’s the only reason he keeps showing off on IG so much.

  7. This is so for show. These two haven’t even been together that long and this chick is a real THOT. She always plays the THOT on TV and in the lil movie roles she gets, thus her true character. Won’t even last long

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