Dwight Howard’s Girlfriend Addresses Baby Number Six Rumors

Photo Credit: Keith Allison
Photo Credit: Keith Allison

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Dwight Howard’s personal life off of the basketball court is always the target of gossip and rumors, especially since it’s rumored that the athlete has five kids with multiple women. However, blogger Terez Owens claimed recently that a source informed him that Dwight had knocked up baby mama number two again and they are expecting his sixth child.

Dwight is currently dating Christine Vest and they just had a baby last year. So it’s no surprise she took to her Twitter account to address the rumor and she subliminally suggests that the report is nothing but BS.

She tweets:

christine vest twitter


In related news, Dwight’s camp reached out to Black Sports Online and confirmed that Dwight does not have a baby on the way, but his baby mama is indeed pregnant…the baby is just not his. She’s actually pregnant by her fianc√©.

As for Dwight getting anyone else pregnant anytime soon, that’s unlikely since the athlete got a vasectomy recently.


  1. Good! Lord knows he has enough kids to take care as it is. I just hope he’s being smart with his finances so he can continue to take care of them even after he’s retired.

  2. Girl bye you can’t fault people for believing this he does have gang load of kids who he refuses to claim. Her credibility isn’t better because Dwight doesn’t claim or acknowledge her or her child so have a seat baby mama #5 or #6.

  3. I can see why Royce had to go off on Christine not too long ago. She’s very naive and annoying. Of course people believed he had another kid on the way. Doesn’t he always have another kid on the way?!

  4. I’m glad it’s not true. But Christine needs to have a seat. Now she knows good and well she understands why that rumor was so believable. lol

  5. So no more kids?! Good for him! I thought he was trying to have a little basketball team of his own!

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