Chris Brown Makes Some Serious Life Changes to Put an End to Troubles

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown was just released from jail yesterday and the R&B singer is already making moves to make sure that he won’t ever have to go back.

Chris’ mom expressed months ago on Twitter that she believes many of his legal troubles stem from the fact that he’s hanging with some bad people.

But sources close to the singer insist he’s kicking his rotten friends to the curb. TMZ reports:

Sources close to Chris tell TMZ … the singer is making a Lindsay-type pledge — to stay away from drugs and bad people, especially those connected to gangs.

Chris seems to be blaming part of his problems — which landed him in jail for 108 days — on the people with whom he was hanging. But he’s also acknowledging his problems with violence were largely his doing. Doctors believe his erratic behavior was largely the result of bipolarity. He’s now on meds and doctors say he’s now stabilized.




The site goes on to say that Chris even told his record label that he’s done getting into trouble.

We sure do hope he keeps his word.



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      1. It’s a fact that Chris was doing much better in life when he was with Rihanna. She kept him grounded and wasn’t afraid to tell him about himself unlike Karrueche. I’m sure you know this.

      2. Because she has no backbone. She should have left him alone for the good of BOTH of them a long time ago.

  1. Well they were only using him anyway so this is for the best. I’m glad his eyes have been opened.

  2. So he’s cutting off those OHB hooligans. That’s good. I didn’t think they were good for him anyway. They caused more trouble than they are worth.

  3. Good for Chris. I said this on here the other day but I honestly believe he’s a good person. “If you can’t change the people around you…change the people around you.” I’m glad he finally realized that.

  4. Good for him. Maybe this change will actually make his life more peaceful. But he also needs to kick the drug use too.

  5. I bet his mom is really happy about this. That’s the thing about Mommas. They be knowing man. They be knowing.

  6. Rihanna try and his mom try to get rid of the friends that’s one of the reason him and rihanna broke up . rihanna hate that one call kid red.

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