Lil Mo & Boyfriend Take a Big Step + Plan to Become the Next Kimye

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lil Mo has been doing the most lately on social media and interviews as of late, and it appears her reasoning behind turning up may be to land her very own reality show with her new boyfriend.

The reality star tells blogger The Jasmine Brand that she and her boo Dynamite are in talks to bring their romance and blended family dynamics to the small screen in the form of a spinoff:

“Of course. Karl and I have been approached by a FEW execs in regards to our own show. Damn a spinoff. Our LIFE is totally different than what we give on social sites. And MY personality is wayyyyy different than what I give on both seasons of R&B divas LA. Mainly because in real life I’m so on team NO chill and Karl aka Dynamite is insane. Our children are crazy. It is the total opposite of anything anyone has seen from me. Especially from the happy side. No lie.”

Lil Mo says the show hasn’t been picked up by a network yet, but she expects it to.

Interestingly enough, she’s also still comparing herself to Kim Kardashian. When asked which couple she thinks resembles her relationship with Dynamite the most, Lil Mo brings up Kimye:

“Great question. We always joke and play on the phone like we on the phone with Kim and Kanye like “yoooo where yall at? We coming for yall spot. On a more hood level”. Reason being is, I don’t know what Kim does to Kanye, but no one has brought him that peace that I see over his life. I don’t over analyze or involve myself in others relationship. You NEVER know what someone is dealing with. But being as though, Kim has taken a few trips down the aisle, as I have too. Man, listen. When the ONE finds YOU and locks you down. Not for no other reason but to make sure you are happy. Provided for and protected. You just roll with it. I have apologized to myself for all the stuff I allowed the past 12 years I was a slave to my own foolishness.”

In the meantime, Mo and Dynamite have already started an Instagram account to draw interest for their potential show.


In related news, the trailer for the upcoming season of “R&B Divas LA” has been released. As we reported not too long ago, Chrisette Michelle and Leela James join the cast. Check it out below:


  1. Once neither one of these fools decides to put out a porn tape, I’m good. One wrinkled, dehydrated vag is enough for me. cough*Mimi*cough!

    1. Exactly. I can barely tolerate her on R&B Divas. So why would I want to see her on another show?

  2. Lil’Mo is such a disgrace. Just wasted talent she has one of the best voices in the industry and aspires to be the next Kim Kardashian. Where are your morals and values. Jesus take the wheel I just can’t smh.

  3. Kimye huh? Well Kim is a porn star and has no talent, so Lil Mo will need to give up on her singing career and get to work on her sex tape. She will also need to make sure she makes a living doing absolutely nothing but attention whoring and calling the paps herself. I see she’s got the attention whoring part down pact already.

    Her man needs to start throwing temper tantrums on social media and in interviews and he needs to go ahead and call himself “Deezus.” He will need to also start sucking at his career, just like Kanye has done ever since he started dating Kim.

    So they have a long way to go.

  4. I don’t think she needs to be worried about trying to get another reality show right now. Shouldn’t she be trying to get that divorce? Her priorities are really messed up.

  5. They do not need their own show. But in any case, this guy is looking more and more like he’s an opportunist. Good luck with that Mo.

  6. If she gets her own show, I will not be tuning in. Lil Mo is obnoxious and annoying. She wants to be ratchet so bad but her ratchet doesn’t come off natural. It just seems so forced.

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