Dwight Howard Gets Caught up in Another Scandal?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

NBA star Dwight Howard is currently trending on Twitter and it’s because a teenage girl is making some very serious accusations about the star athlete.

Apparently a 16-year-old is claiming she met Dwight on social media and spent some time with him. And because of her age, many are giving the situation the major side eye.

It got crazy on social media when she posted photos and text messages. Foot Basket reports:

Apparently, some high school girl that is 16 years old had a relationship with Howard. It went as far as to Howard flying her out from Florida to hook up. It’s going all over Twitter right now. The girl posted photos and text messages with Howard, but later deleted them. Her Twitter account has also been deleted.

dwight howard accusations
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Now this could be completely innocent and also just another lie someone created on social media just to start some drama, so we’ll wait and see what Dwight’s camp has to say about this. Regardless, this comes just days after it was inaccurately reported that Dwight has another baby on the way. His camp later clarified that the athlete’s ex is expecting a child with her fiancé and not Dwight.


  1. It could be nothing sexual but he should know as a parent that it’s not smart to be alone with teenage girls. It looks bad period!

  2. Is he trying to add a youngin to his roster of baby mamas? If so, he’s sick and needs to be thrown under a jail!

  3. What was he thinking? He should have never even called this young girl to come meet him anywhere! I swear he acts like he doesn’t have a brain in that enormous head of his.

  4. The text messages make no sense and could be fake. Nowadays anyone can text you and you can say it’s whoever you want it to be.

  5. I’d love to know where these girls’ parents are. How do you cosign your kid flying to meet a NBA player and you’re nowhere around to supervise?

  6. Where is his baby mama talking about credibility now? *crickets* This is why you never take up for a man who has 5 kids with 5 different mothers they are capable of anything relating to cheating. He has proven he slings his manhood freely so good luck with this baby mama #5.

    1. I don’t think Royce is going to tweet anything. She’s back cool with Dwight and he just bought their son a dog. I saw that on her IG last night.

  7. No grown man needs to be flying little girls to come see him any damn where. And they don’t even look like they have ben through puberty yet! Just sick!

  8. Some is y’all is really stupid cause as i was watching the game it ain’t say Nothing likethis so there for hush until you know the truth I mean it does say Scandal

  9. He is a child molester it don’t make since how u fly 3 girls to Florida then try and play 2 against each other back stabbing your team mate. Yes this is true idc for him or his team mate or security check all their phone records the truth will come out

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