Shay Johnson Gets Messy + Takes Some Shots at Bambi

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The Shay Johnson and Bambi beef gets messier? Shay Johnson narrowly escaped being locked up for assaulting a woman in the club with a bottle, but that hasn’t managed to humble her any. In fact, the reality star is still being messy and she had some words for Lil Scrappy’s new girlfriend Bambi in a recent interview with VH1.

In the interview, Shay subtly hints that she’s still very much in Lil Scrappy’s life despite him being with Bambi but she seemingly also confirmed that Bambi was allegedly messing around with Scrappy while he was with Erica Dixon.

Here are the highlights of the interview.

On if she plans to meet Scrappy’s current girlfriend Bambi:

“No, and I care not to. I have nothing bad to say about her. It’s irrelevant because I haven’t gone anywhere. There has been social network back and forth, little subliminal comments. But it’s petty. She’s doing her with him — whatever they’re doing. But I’m doing me with him, and that’s the great part.”


Shay also says that Scrappy’s new “friend” Erica Pinkett is a non-factor:

“I don’t want to discuss her. That’s something new that’s not gonna stay around in my eyes. It’s just irrelevant. Like it’s nothing to even talk about. Whatever she does is what she does. Time will tell. I’ll just say that.”


But here’s where it gets even more interesting:

“I was told [Bambi] was sleeping with him when he was dealing with other women — living with other women, so you really can’t get mad if somebody is messing with a guy that you’ve been dealing with and you were doing the same thing to another female. You can’t turn a ho into a housewife. Period. All I’m focused on is what he and I have, and that’s unconditional love.”


So does that mean Bambi was a side chick to Scrappy while he was living with Erica Dixon? It sure does sound that way.



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  1. So she’s still sleeping with him and suffers from low self esteem? I mean that’s what I’m taking away from this interview.

    1. Bingo. Shay is so desperate. I knew she’d go running back to Scrappy in no time. What else does she have going on? She needs to the show.

  2. Shay is so pathetic. I guess she understands she has to keep sleeping with Scrappy to stay on the show. At least Erica Dixon isn’t this desperate and decided she would rather fade into the background of the show before she deals with Scrappy and Momma Dee any longer.

  3. I see this reality show has turned Lil Scrappy into Captin Dingaling. All these women keep dealing with him because he’s on the show. If he wasn’t, none of them would be around. I hope he knows that.

  4. Honestly Bambi and Shay are cut from the same cloth. But she’s only saying all this because she’s really the non factor on the show right now and she’s mad. Erica D is irrelevant now too. Bambi is the one getting all the screen time right now.

    1. Nah, dignity left the building when she let Flava Flav and his nasty grill hit it. Bucky needs to get a life besides sleeping with a “has been”, and a “once was”.

  5. These women are doing the absolute most over Lil Scrappy and I don’t understand why. He’s probably still broke and he’s a momma’s boy who still has the audacity to cheat on every single woman he deals with.

  6. No morals and no values is the trend for some of these women like Shay. You bragging about sharing a man with other women smh. All I can say is I hope she is current with her std/hiv test status.

      1. I swear, one episode she looked like the Cowardly Lion. That fool had so many packs on her head, it’s a wonder her neck didn’t buckle.

  7. Nobody cares Shay. It may be time for you to go to the unemployment line since we haven’t seen you on the show since last season.

  8. She doesn’t love Scrappy, she loves the attention she gets from being back on TV. She will do whatever she has to to keep that VH1 check coming in.

  9. I guess this means we will see her again in a couple of episodes. Sigh…I’m getting bored with everyone on this show.

  10. She just wants to the attention back on her. Didn’t she just saw not too long ago she’s dating someone else now?

  11. Um, was she too not sleeping with scrappy while he was with Erica Dixon and had the never to get mad at Erica and wanna fight?! Typical THOT. Moving on….

  12. How can you be so proud to announce your still sleeping (not even dating) a man who embarrassed you on national tv.. the same man who proposed to his baby mama as though you wasn’t there? LOL pls have a seat & stfu!!!!

  13. so she says that she has nothing bad to say about bambi then turns around calling her a hoe and throwing something “she heard about”….gtfoh .hear something about your self esteem dummy…oh all of your horrible weaves

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