T-Boz’s Daughter Checks Rihanna

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As we reported recently, T-Boz caught a lot of backlash after an interview of her seemingly criticizing Rihanna for her very sexual image went viral on social media, but T-Boz claims she never named Rihanna when she made her statements and she was speaking in general about the current status of today’s female music artists.

Nonetheless, Rihanna wasted no time in clapping back on Twitter and her loyal fans have been in T-Boz’s mentions ever since.

T-Boz says she’s done talking about the situation and she feels the media is just being messy, but her daughter Chase has a lot to say about the situation. In fact, Chase feels it was very disrespectful for Rihanna to take shots at her mother and everything T-Boz said was accurate. One of T-Boz’s followers tweeted her a screenshot of Chase getting Rihanna together on her Ask.fm account:

chase goes off

T-Boz expressed she’s proud of her daughter’s ability to stand up for what she believes in even though she doesn’t need the backup (read tweets from top to bottom):

t-boz twitter

In related news, T-Boz also addressed the infamous picture Rihanna used in her Twitter background as a clap back, and T-Boz says the group actually took the risqué picture as part of a Breast Cancer Awareness campaign.


      1. Like mother, like daughter. Rihanna didn’t name any names. She only posted their picture. So I wonder why this kid sounds so pressed about what Rihanna does? Like I said. Like mother like daughter.

    1. Why should she? Do you stay out of ‘grown folks business’ when it comes to your mother? Girl bye!

    2. But Rihanna doesn’t even act like a grown up. Look how she responded to a quote in which her name was NEVER mentioned.

    3. Yes. Especially since her mother is a hypocrite. She put her cape on to defend Miley Cyrus on twitter, butshe has a problem with Rihanna?

      I think T boz is bitter she isn’t the sought after young, cute black heartthrob she was once was.

      Here are the tweets in defense of Miley

      [Link Removed]

      1. She only defended Miley because she doesn’t intimidate her like Rih does. T Boz is washed up and jealous.

        1. I used to stan so hard for tlc. I can’t even begin to tell you. So whether Tlc’s words were for Riri or just a general statement, it is still pretty pathetic. Why are they so concerned what other women are doing? They are legends, but they come off as bitter. Now this child has run her mouth, so this drama will rumble on. Le sign

          t boz has thrown shade at both Rihanna and beyonce in the past, but she defended miley with a big smile. How sad.

        2. You must be young as hell. TLC has sold more albums than Rihanna has. They have hits to their names and they are the best selling girl group of all time. They have nothing to be jealous over. To be honest, the kind of success they had craps on the careers of most nowadays. They are legends. Why can’t they speak their mind when asked? T-Boz didn’t say anything offensive about Rihanna. I think you guys are overreacting. Not to mention she never named anyone. T-Boz was speaking in general.

    4. But Rihanna is the one acting like a teenager. T-Boz’s daughter is coming off more mature here than Rihanna has been her entire career. And I say that as a fan of Rihanna’s. I love her music but she’s very immature outside of her career.

  1. I still don’t see why people are mad at T Boz. It’s not like she said anything disrespectful about Rihanna. She simply said Rihanna stays naked (fact) and she doesn’t have to do that to be successful (fact). If anything she’s positively challenging Rihanna to thrive without taking her clothes off. It’s just sad that we live in a time where everyone wants to be a stan (follower) and criticism is always viewed as hating.

    1. I feel you but you don’t think it would have been best if T-Boz told Rihanna this in private or something? By saying this in the media she just made it even worse. Now it just looks like she’s being catty even if she wasn’t trying to be.

  2. Chase has a right to her opinion. T-Boz is her mom so I can understand why she feels the need to speak up for her. I still think T-Boz was wrong though.

  3. LOL. Look T-Boz was low key hating just like Chilli was on Beyonce a few month ago. But I’m not going to sit here and fault this young lady for standing up for her mama. I would do the same thing in a heartbeat for mine!

    1. I think so. As they say ‘A hit dog will holler’. The same way Rihanna probably read the headlines, and perhaps not watched the video interview, thus jumping to conclusions, the same way, T Boz has done the same. T Boz insists that she named no artist with her critique but Rihanna also didn’t name anyone. She merely posted a picture of TLC and topless. T boz has spent almost a day acting like she has done nothing wrong, and hilariously trying to be gully about it.

      What’s so sad about the whole thing is, TLC were all about female solidarity back in the day. They also were heavily criticized for their own image and sexual bravado. Whether they were addressing Rihanna or not, it was low to attack female artists. It was low, and it was hypocritical, as well.

    1. Or it could be Chase doesn’t give two f-cks about what lunatics tweet her. Not everyone is afraid of stans. Truth is most of y’all got mental issues and need prayer.

    2. You sound so dumb. Y’all act like Rhianna is paying your bills and is putting food on your table. She wouldn’t spit on the ‘NAVY’ if your a-ses were on fire. pffff

  4. I hate stans. They ruin every possibility of having a legitimate discussion and constructive criticism.

  5. I’m not even sure why some of y’all are on here fronting because you know good and well you would curse anyone out for coming sideways at your momma. Stop playing. Chase didn’t do anything wrong.

  6. This is why I wish black artists would stick together more. The media sets out to divide us. So that is why when you have a sincere piece of criticism for a fellow black artist, just tell them in private how you’re feeling because if you do it in the media they will run with it and make it look worse than it is. This is what the media wanted. Two black women bickering and “shading” each other on Twitter.

    1. Exactly,I feel the same way.In the words of Rodney King can’t we all just get along. I do feel the younger female artist show way too much skin, but that’s their perogative I try not to judge others because God knows I have some ratchet skeletons in my closet.

  7. I still think T-Boz should have kept her mouth shut to begin with! But I won’t fault Chase for defending her momma. She’s supposed to.

  8. Soooo no one is going to talk about how petty all of this made Rihanna look? I swear this blog is full of Rihanna and Beyonce stans….smh.

    1. I will because I stan for no one. Rihanna is petty as hell and she has no respect for anyone who came before her. UB didn’t post it but she actually had the nerve to call T-Boz an old THOT on Twitter and then she deleted the tweet. Now why was that even necessary when T-Boz only said she thinks Rihanna doesn’t need to keep relying on selling sex to be successful. But that’s Rihanna for you. She’s petty, immature and an Internet thug. I bet she wouldn’t say sh-t to T-Boz’s face though.

        1. If I said that I would be lying. I actually have purchased a lot of Rihanna’s music. I’ve spent money on her concerts. I buy her MAC collections. But I don’t believe in being a stan for anyone. When someone is wrong, I feel they need to be called out. I’m here to support an artist’s music if I like it, but that doesn’t mean I have to support everything they do. I have my own brain. Sorry.

      1. Do you think t boz comes out of this looking good. She doesn’t by the way. As a vet and as someone 20 years older than rihanna, she could have said quite plainly that she was just voicing her opinion, and there was nothing personal. You know lead by example. But she didn’t do that, because she clearly meant to cause offense. Yall can’t call out rihanna and leave out the obvious. T boz is a messy, uncouth and thrives off drama.

    2. It’s not about being a blog full of stans, it’s more about there being no point in fighting back and forth just because someone likes a celebrity that you don’t. I don’t care for Rihanna, but I’m not going to spend my day trashing her. She lives her life and I live mine. I used to type paragraphs trashing her & arguing with her stans, but it didn’t make my day more productive, so I stopped.

  9. Off Topic, Chase has better grammar than her mother, despite the fact that she wrote one long run-on sentence.

  10. I’d come for anyone in a heartbeat if they tried my mom so I have nothing to say to this. I still stand by my comment that it is a free world and Rihanna can wear what she wants and T Boz can say what she wants about it. I just wish she didn’t back track the comments.

  11. LMBO. Chase is not playing any games. I respect she’s speaking up for her momma though. I have no issue with that.

  12. Nah. Chase needs to be in summer school instead of worrying about Rihanna because I don’t see not one period in her response. Priorities, Chase. Priorities.

  13. Rihanna’s stans have been attacking T-Boz for like two days on Twitter. Chase had every right to say what she did. If you don’t like the heat stay the f up out the kitchen. Stans can dish it but they can’t take it.

  14. People can’t have opinions about Rihanna now without it being blown out of proportion? Oh wow, I had no idea she was God.

  15. I don’t want Chase to get involved because I know Rihanna will drag her too. I don’t want that to happen.

  16. Why didn’t Rihanna clap back like this on Charlie Sheen when he dragged her a-s? It’s like she knows who to play with.

  17. I respect her standing up for her moms, but baby girl is about to escalate the situation. All parties involved need to just let the whole thing die and let it be. None of them are looking good in this situation. Not T Boz, not Rihanna and not Chase.

    1. Nope, Rihanna started it by deciding she wanted to be a bad girl and get naked all the time. When you’re famous, people have a right to speak on the image you willingly put out there. She’s way too sensitive and she needs to grow up. She’s damn near 30 still acting like she’s in high school.

  18. Didn’t T-Boz say something similar about Bey? And didn’t Chilli shade Bey? And what did Bey do in response? Not a damn thing. She’s mature enough to understand that when you have been in the business and achieved legendary status you have every right to speak on what newer artists are doing. Bey and DC even opened up for TLC on one of their tours. She has enough sense to be respectful to legends because that is what you’re supposed to do. Rihanna has a lot to learn.

    1. Yes, that was the Fanmail tour. Both DC and Christina Aguilera were opening acts. DC also broke up on that tour the 1st time.

  19. My opinion in all this is everybody has a right to say what they want. No one is greater than the other. I won’t fault Rihanna for defending herself because that is her right but had she never responded this would have died down. I also think that celeb stans escalate situations as well. I think if you say something that you should be prepared for backlash which sometimes is unfortunate. I consider myself an honorary beyhive stan lol but if someone is talking bad about Bey I don’t drag or harass them on twitter, it is what it is. I might say something on a blog or something. Only time I really truly took to heart was the situation with Target because that was vindictive for a corporation and I haven’t been at Target since. In this day in age it is kinda of unfortunate that someone can’t say how they feel if you agree or don’t they are harassed. I personally want to know how people really feel. I have no problem with anyone on here has said in this post. Just normal back and forth. This is why I love UB and my UB sis’s.

  20. I don’t see why people are so upset with what Rihanna wore. I mean so what…she likes to show off her body. Why is that such a problem? Some people act like she’s killing babies. Smh.

  21. I hate T-Boz’s hair like that. It looks like she just put on a whole jar of gel on the side and slapped some weave on the top. Smh.

  22. I don’t understand why this has gotten to this point. Had T-Boz not said anything, none of this would be an issue. As someone said on here, even it she wasn’t trying to be messy T-Boz is a celeb and she knows anything you say about a fellow artist will be taken out of context. I don’t see where Rihanna was so wrong or petty for defending herself because if that’s the case then T-Boz is just as petty. It seems to me TLC is targeting hotter celebs because of the crap Chilli said about Beyonce a few months back. Respect for TLC as a group before her has absolutely nothing to do with it just as how many albums either party has sold has nothing to do with it. How about respect for one another as individuals, as different artists, as black women. That’s the problem with black folks now. Why you gotta call someone out in public? A couple people on here said why not pull her aside and that’s what T-Boz should have done. As a veteran artist in the industry, if she felt so strongly about it, she should have known better than to do this in the media, free speech or not. She knows mess like this will be taken and ran away with and that’s exactly what has happened. It makes her look more petty to me than Rihanna because she started this fiasco and had she not done that her daughter would not have felt compelled to get involved. If you can’t take it then don’t dish it.

  23. The thing that people need to realize is that T-Boz literally never mentioned Rihanna. She was asked about female artists selling sex, and the producers of the show intertwined her response, which again was directed at no one person, with clips of Rihanna. If she wants to be mad at someone for throwing shade, she needs to go for the show producers. T-Boz wasn’t even thinking about Rihanna.

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