Karrueche Posts a Cryptic Tweet That Leaves People Scratching Their Heads

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Several days ago Chris Brown’s on and off girlfriend Karrueche Tran decided to throw her famous beau a huge party to celebrate his release from jail, and it appears the couple is moving forward from earlier reports suggesting Chris may have entertained other women while he was in anger management rehab a few months ago.

Since both appeared to be a united front at the party and onlookers at the party claim they acted madly in love withe each other, it’s no wonder why one of Karrueche’s latest tweets has people scratching their heads.

She posted the following cryptic tweet not too long ago:

karrueche twitter



  1. This is probably for one of those sluttish girls she hangs with. Not only does she have to worry about Chris trying to get other chicks on the side, but she has to worry about her slutty friends trying to take her spot.

    1. Bingo. She’s lost a lot of friends since Chris because most of them are groupies looking for a come up.

  2. Well that didn’t take long, even though I only gave them 90 days. Oh well, it might be that she’s talking about someone else, though knowing their history, I seriously doubt it. Karruche is definitely another one who needs rehab from social media.

  3. Doesn’t she know by now that some people will over analyze whatever she posts & assume the worst? She is NOT helping Chris by posting cryptic messages like this one. This young man needs to rebuild his image & this doesn’t help. Watch sites such as TMZ try & claim Chris hasn’t changed. SMH

  4. I don’t even know why she felt the need to tweet this. She can pick up the phone and tell this to whoever she is shading…

    1. That is the society we live in now. We get on Facebook/Twitter/IG and say what we need to say in private on the phone.

    2. thats all people resort to now. might not even be a serious a-s situation but people take everything to the internet

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