Lil Scrappy Still Struggling with Money Problems?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

LHHATL star Lil Scrappy may be struggling in his romantic life considering he has a nasty habit of not being faithful to the women he dates, but when he’s not caught up in a new love triangle, he’s also dealing with some serious money problems.

According to The Jasmine Brand, the reality star was recently slapped with a tax lien:

Then on April 4th, the Georgia Department of Revenue filed a lien against Scrappy for failing to pay his taxes for the year 2006. The lien states that he owes Georgia State a total of $8,270.18 for the year 2006.

The docs show that he originally only owed a total of $2,927 in taxes but with 1k in interest + 3k in penalties + other court costs made the unpaid balance swell to the 8k he now owes.



Keep in mind that Lil Scrappy’s LHHATL checks are also being garnished for the $258,000 he owes in multiple lawsuits.


    1. Well you’d have to be broke to sign up for a show as ratchet as this. No one with money would agree to such foolishness.

      1. Girl she’s so rich her husband is a stay at home dad. He doesn’t have to do NOTHING. Meanwhile all her employees are struggling and fronting for the cameras.

    2. I think Waka may be the only one who is doing ok. He’s still relevant and does shows all throughout the country.

  1. So he has to pay child support, he’s getting garnished for lawsuits and he has a big tax bill to pay too? Yeah he really is broke. He has to learn how to manage his finances better than he does.

  2. Scrappy better be careful because at some point Mona will replace him and he won’t have the LHHATL check anymore. What is he going to do then? His rap career has been stale for years now.

  3. If everyone on the show is struggling and broke then I’m inclined to believe the show isn’t paying them that much. It’s one thing to cut up and act a fool for a nice check, but cutting up for peanuts is a huge fail.

  4. So is Mona just not paying these people enough money or what? It can’t be coincidental that every single one of them is broke. Sounds like they aren’t be paid enough.

      1. Exactly! When you got Karlie Redd’s old a-s talking about her Louis bag, blah, blah,and Joseline buying the cheapest looking, most expensive labels she can find, you know none of these idiots doing anything besides wearing and driving their money away.

  5. A lot of reality stars are kind of dumb with the money they make. They want to spend it all trying to appear like they are rich when they are basically living paycheck to paycheck and season to season. And then when the network gets the itch to change the cast and shake things up, they end up jobless and completely broke. That is why reality stars have to use their fame to create other opportunities while they are on the show. What is Scrappy doing besides LHHATL and pretending to still have a rap career?

  6. None of these people have accountants and financial advisors? LOL ok I couldn’t even finish typing that without laughing.

    1. Lmbo……..I couldn’t stop laughing when she said she wanted something fast & hopped her butt on that that scooter.

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