Erica Dixon Calls out an Ex

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Erica Dixon’s role on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” may have greatly diminished on the current season of the hit reality show, but she’s had quite a bit of changes happen in her personal life even if the cameras didn’t catch it.

As we recently reported, Erica broke things off with O’Shea a couple of months ago and her other ex Lil Scrappy is currently in a new love triangle with Bambi and Shay Johnson.

However, Erica took to Twitter the other day and confirmed that one of her exes is trying to rekindle the romance:

erica dixon twitter


  1. She better not be talking about Scrappy! I don’t ever want her to take his bummy a-s back again!

  2. She’s probably talking about Scrappy. I mean he always wants her back when he’s in another relationship.

  3. She’s such a gorgeous chick. Anyway, she needs to be done with Scrappy and O’Shea. Neither one of them are worthy of her time.

  4. Erica better not take either one of those fools back. She needs to learn that an ex is an ex for a reason.

  5. Damn I forgot about Erica! She’s only been on the show for like 5 minutes total this season! LMAOOO!

  6. I am starting to see a pattern with Erica she has bad taste in men. To me she needs to be by herself nothing wrong with chilling out for awhile. Going from one relationship to another can be emotionally exhausting.

  7. Erica is in a really complicated position because when she’s not with Scrappy or even dealing with him, she becomes a non-factor on the show. So I can see her taking him back just to prevent being fired. Because at this rate, Mona won’t bring her back next season.

  8. He can want her back all day long but she doesn’t need to take him back. And I do think she’s talking about Scrappy. O’Shea was only in it for a spot on the show, now that he has a little fame he’s not really thinking about her.

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