Momma Dee Meets Her Match

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

LHHATL personality Momma Dee has gained instant reality television fame being the overbearing mother to Lil Scrappy, but in real life, what makes for entertaining television is ruining the rapper’s love life.

Not only is it hard for Lil Scrappy to keep Momma Dee at bay in the bulk of his relationships with women, but her overbearing ways also make it hard for her to get along with the mothers of the women he dates.

She didn’t get along with Erica Dixon’s mother and both almost came to blows, and now it appears she is in the same boat with Bambi’s mother too.

Apparently Bambi’s mother is not too happy with how Momma Dee has been talking to Bambi on the show, so she decided to check her on Instagram. And it’s pretty apparent Momma Dee may have finally met her match. Blogger Sip The Tea snapped the screenshot:

bambi mom checks momma dee


  1. Welp! That confirms that the show is scripted. Mona needs to stop calling the ghetto soap opera a “Reality show” already.

  2. I remember that time Momma Dee tried to fight Erica and her momma and the security guards took her outside and she tried to run back in the house and she was slow as hell. I hollered. It looked like she was running in slow motion. Her a-s is too old for this foolishness.

  3. Buuuuuuuut, how about I believe this is part of the script as well tho? There’s no way Bambi is her “princess” and she’s just hearing/seeing how Momma Dee talked to her. Not only that, but also trying to address it on Instagram? C’mon son. All of these “beefs” are scripted and/or ploys for spinoffs in my opinion. I get not seeing it until the episode airs. But I would think Bambi would’ve said something to her by now about all this drama…..assuming it was “real.”

  4. hmmmmmm….and it took until the show aired to know that mama dee was being shady to her daughter? i dont believe that come on now.this is more f-ckery for the scripted a-s show

  5. I like mama dee. She’s funny. I prefer watching her than Erica. Erica is boring. Mama dee bring the drama with her fairytale life.

  6. By the way, where was bambi mother when she was in the jacuzzi with Kurt and benzino? Where was Bambi mother when her daughter was acting like a fool on basketball wives LA. Let’s not forget Flavor of Love with FlaveFlav….her daughter is not annocent. ..

  7. Listen, I’m still trying to figure out who I need to send my resume to in order to become a writer for next season!

    Hire me, Mona!

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