New ‘R&B Divas Atlanta’ Tea

Photo Credit: TV One
Photo Credit: TV One

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

If you’ve been watching the current season of “R&B Divas Atlanta,” then you’re fully aware that most of the drama this season has been centered around Angie Stone, since last season’s number one problem Nicci Gilbert is no longer on the show.

Interestingly enough, some new gossip suggests Angie may have reached her breaking point and the latest tea surrounding filming for the reunion show claims the R&B diva actually walked off in the middle of the reunion.

The Jasmine Brand reports:

Has Angie Stone given up on reality TV?

Rumor has it, some serious tension is surrounding the soulful singer. As you know, the 52-year-old has spent two seasons on TV One’s hit show, R&B Divas Atlanta.

An inside source tells us that during the reunion taping, things got a tad bit ugly. So much so, that Angie allegedly got up and walked off the stage, while host Wendy Williams was attempting to speak with the cast.


  1. I don’t watch the show but I’m surprised Angie is being messy. I thought she was a cool chick with a decent head on her shoulders. I guess she had to turn up to keep her little TV ONE check coming in.

  2. I was hoping this would’ve been different, since everybody can actually sing. Boy was I wrong!

  3. This show has been boring. I stopped watching like episode three into the season. Don’t like KeKe or Syleena, LaTavia annoys me and everyone else is blah. I’ll just be waiting for Atlanta Exes.

  4. I don’t watch this show and they need to get rid of MR. BOOKMEN (SYLEENA) AND SPONGE BOB (KEKE).

  5. I have never watched any r&b divas atl or la. They never really sparked my interest and I’m glad I never gave them the time of day but I still get a kick out of when the show first came on and I seen the first trailer and Syleena said she was the most underrated singer of our time lol. Girl bye you had 3 good songs one w/ Kanye and Your woman,Guess what. After that nobody even heard from her anymore she went ghost lol.

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