More Trouble for Chris Brown?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Chris Brown’s camp told TMZ recently that he was cutting off all his trouble making friends to start anew post his most recent stint in jail, but now it’s rumored that he may still be getting into trouble thanks to his friends.

Rumor has it Chris and his crew got into a major scuffle with Justin Bieber’s crew just hours after they left the studio and recorded a track together.

Illseed of AllHipHop writes:

I am hearing from sources close that the crews got to fighting! This all went down supposedly at the Record Plant in Hollywood. Apparently they got into it right outside of the studio in the wee hours over the weekend. But, it had to be bad, because people were seemingly frantic to get out of there. They were Ubering and calling cabs like mad people. There were presumably a lot of girls there too. Hoping that Breezy doesn’t get himself into any more trouble.



Now we can’t confirm this as of now, so we’re labeling it as gossip.


  1. I actually believe this because he posted a necklace with “OHB” on it to his IG account a little while ago. So I take it he’s still hanging with the broke hoodlums who enabled his bad behavior.

      1. That was a soundbite to get him the sympathy vote from folks who should know better. Watch him start to look like a crack head again in minute too.

  2. Why does Chris feel like he needs to travel with a big entourage all the time? He’s had nothing but bad to come from it, yet he still keeps doing it. I don’t get it.

    1. He keeps fighting these weaka-s people who can’t do any better, but I bet money that he wouldn’t go back to Barbados. They’re folks still to this day who owe Chris a beating. That’s why he always has an entourage. When it’s all said and done Chris is weak, and a coward. He needs the extra muscle to feel like a real man.

    1. Because he acts black and has black friends and that means he can’t possibly be racist. *winks*

  3. He will never learn. The only way he can stay out of trouble and distancing himself from his enablers.

  4. I would like to be surprised but im not but i am so surprised it happened so quick tho…this boy will never learn until he’s in jail for more couple months

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