Draya Goes Off

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Basketball Wives LA” star Draya Michele catches a lot of flak on social media on a daily basis, and she’s usually targeted over her track record as a mother considering old rumors claimed the reality star was arrested for neglecting her son.

Draya feels she has cleaned up her act since her younger days, and she’s now in a committed relationship with Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick and her son is living with her once again. But none of that has managed to put an end to the hate she receives on her social media accounts.

The reality star has obviously grown tired of constantly being targeted by online bashers, so she posted the following to her Instagram account yesterday:

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  1. Not a fan in the least bit, but I agree with what she’s saying here. I think people are way too harsh to celebs on social media and to me it’s just unnecessary. Like why follow someone you don’t even like? It’s just bullying behavior and it needs to stop.

  2. People go in on Draya because they know it will get to her. And here she is again letting it get to her. The sooner she stops caring, the less fun it becomes for people to go in on her.

  3. But isn’t this what she wanted though everybody wants fame but they don’t want what comes with it. Don’t complain now that you are getting the exposure that you wanted so badly. One of the main reasons Draya gets dragged so much is because she is arrogant and acts she is better than everyone. Of course people aren’t going to like you when you try to clown people who have regular jobs. She said she made more money at the club than teachers. Also that real estate agents aren’t real careers. Girl please you bring all this on yourself.

  4. They won’t ever stop bashing her. So she might as well get thick skin. I’m not saying it’s right, but it just comes with the territory.

  5. Chile people are going in on a baby’s hair just because she’s Beyonce’s kid. So what does Draya really expect out of people? No longer does anyone have morals really. They think it’s acceptable to tear down people just because they’re famous. She’s wasting her breath here.

  6. People only bully and hate online because social media is so anonymous. But if there was really a way to track/police them, best believe they would be a serious drop in the bitterness being posted. Sometimes the comments really go above and beyond!

  7. Oh Draya please. Every time she has one of these breakdown, the comments only get worse. They want a reaction, why doesn’t she understand that?

  8. I understand how she feels. At the end of the day all these celebs are still human beings. Can you imagine every single time you log on Twitter/FB/IG someone is saying something nasty to you and you don’t even know them? It’s draining. That is why Beyonce doesn’t get on social media like that or read the comments. It’s too much.

  9. She’s weak. She does this like once a week. She’s going to have to stop caring about what strangers think of her.

  10. She has a point but this post won’t make a difference. People (adults and kids alike) are bullied on a daily basis. It’s unfortunate and I totally disagree with it. But she’ll just have to grin and bear it, ignore it, or get off social networks to avoid it….’cause the trolling won’t stop and they more than likely will not unfollow her. Hell, most of the negative comments probably come from people who don’t follow her. “Catfish” gives a clear picture of how lame people can be when it comes to this internet/social stuff.

  11. I like Draya. I think she’s pretty and fun to watch on TV. But let’s not pretend the hate she receives on IG/Twitter isn’t out of control. The girl could tweet “The sky is blue” and someone will respond telling her how much of a whore they think she is and how bad she is to her son. It’s too much and being a celebrity doesn’t mean people should “get used to” bullying.

  12. Nah, the hate Draya gets is really extreme. They always talk about her son and never let up on her. I get that it comes with being on a reality show but I can’t really make excuses for grown folks bullying other grown folks. Some of the things they tweet her and write on IG would get their teeth knocked out in real life.

  13. I have to agree with her on this one, while she should probably learn to ignore it because it’s not going to stop it doesn’t make what she is saying any less true.

  14. This reformed heaux was arrogant enough to bash how much professionals made for a living, the same professionals that give her child an education while she became famous for being a jump off. I have no sympathy whatsoever for her. She needs to humble herself and thank her lucky stars this is the age of the groupie.

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