Erica Dixon Talks O’Shea Being Too Broke to Date

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As we reported not too long ago, Erica Dixon and O’Shea called it quits, and now the LHHATL star is speaking out about how the up and coming model’s money woes took a toll on their romance. It turns out him running out of gas and calling up Erica to fork over gas money was pretty typical behavior.

She tells VH1:

“It would usually be ‘I forgot my wallet,’ or ‘I don’t have any cash.’ At first you don’t really think about it, because you’re in a relationship. Then it just got to the point where it’s like let me know before hand and not after we’re out and we done had fun. Finally I got to the point where I’m like you’re my man and your supposed to be the provider. I’m thinking you have it and it’s like, ‘Oh baby you’ve got your card?’ What if I was just as broke as him what was we gonna do? Cause I wasn’t going to wash dishes.”

Erica says she had to break things off with O’Shea because she feels a man is supposed to be the provider in the relationship:

“Yes, I definitely feel like a man should be the provider in a relationship. Just learning from my dad, I felt my dad always provided even to this day- that’s just what [a man] does. I feel like if you fall I’m definitely there to pick you up and help put the pieces all back together. But it was like O’Shea never wanted to put it back together, it was just like everything was on me and that’s a lot. It wasn’t just O’Shea, it’s O’Shea and his three kids, and then it’s my daughter of course. I only have one child. I would’ve had four other kids to take care of, and I wasn’t ready for all that.”

Erica also says she was “blinded” and that is why the relationship even lasted as long as it did.


  1. My thing is she knew he was broke when they first started talking. If a man being a provider is so important to her, she should have cut him off in the beginning. She’s to blame for most of this.

    1. i thought he had his own at first then when he got injured he started leaning on her then didnt stop and kept leaning. thats what i got from what she told scrappy.

  2. So she’s just going to act like she didn’t take Scrappy back like 100 times with all those money problems he has too? Oh…

  3. He was broke in the beginning and she continued to date him anyway. If she really wants a provider, she can’t date someone who has nothing to bring to the table and expect that to change.

  4. Erica just keeps disappointing me. She’s trying to shade this man like she didn’t know the tea up front. She knew he was broke, had no real career, and three kids and still gave him the time of day. Be mad at yourself, not O’Shea.

  5. She should have cut him off the first time he said he couldn’t find his wallet. That is always a red flag.

  6. a grown a-s “model” with three kids and no one has heard of this man? she knew that that boy didnt fit as a “provider” she knew he wasnt sh-t from jump lol her bad

  7. Erica is so gorgeous. I hope she stays single for a while until she meets someone who deserves her.

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