Kanye Says People Bash His Relationship with Kim Because It’s an ‘Interracial Relationship’

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kanye West is back to doing what he deems as controversial interviews to get attention and now the newly married rapper is once again speaking out about his romance with Kim Kardashian.

The couple gets quite a lot of backlash as a result of their publicity stunts but Kanye claims critics of their union are only not supportive because it’s an interracial relationship.

He tells the media:

“You have to be able to take the lashes of people not understanding. It took two years of people not understanding an interracial relationship like that. You have to take the lashes and be able to swim in backlash.”

Kanye now says he thinks if the Vogue cover came out before the “Bound 2” video, people would have loved the video (even though he claimed several months ago that the video was supposed to be terrible):

“I still take a bashing for the Bound video. I always say that if Vogue had come out before the Bound video then everyone would have been like, ‘Oh it’s OK’ and that’s the endorsement. It took something established like Vogue to make everything OK and we had to wait. Like we had the wedding and then they were like ‘that’s cool now,’ because we were told by people who endorsed it.”

And asked why he feels Kim was meant to become his wife, he says it’s because of her looks:

“I can’t be with any girl but Kim because that’s the girl I look at her pictures the most and I get turned on the most.”


  1. Sigh…he’s talking like he’s in the first interracial relationship that ever existed. Ugh just stop.

    1. Right? In his infinite arrogance, Kanye fails to realize that folks don’t like that relationship because he’s an a-shole of epic proportions, and she’s the media hoe who put media hoeing on map, and made it a profession. Together they’ve collectively contributed to the further deterioration of the morals of society by becoming a couple. Simple as that!

      1. My husband and I have been in an interracial relationship for the last 34 years and I am deeply offended by his comment. I guess it’s easier to tell yourself that than really do your own personal work, which would include taking a long hard look at yourself and your partner and how you may rub society as a whole wrong.

    2. I agree. This is so offensive to those who have really endured backlash for interracial relationships.

  2. Kanye really wants people to give a sh-t about his relationship, but most don’t. Even when they try to shove it down our throats. They are boring separately and even more boring together. I mean all he talks about in his interviews is his porn star wife and himself. Boring.

  3. Kanye for the love of God please shut up! You and Kim are not a big deal like you think you are. Your Vogue cover flopped, Kim’s show is on the decline and everyone is sick of the both of you. Stop talking like you’ve actually contributed something of value to society. You didn’t. You steal beats and rap elementary school lyrics and you married a freaking porn star who managed to be even more boring in her porn tape than she is on her horrid reality show.

  4. All I’ve ever cared about was Kanye’s music. His music used to be so good that I ignored his terrible personality and need to pull publicity stunts all the time. But now that his music sucks, I don’t have any other reason to support him. It’s sad to see what he’s become since his first album.

  5. Nope. I’m pretty sure people don’t like Kimye because both of them are annoying and attention whores. It’s not any deeper than that.

  6. Kanye, no one is bashing on your relationship because it’s interracial. We just are sick of you two media whores. You aren’t the first interracial couple and you won’t be the last. You keep up this tirade your career will be falling Down. “when it all, when it all falls down.” You should know better.

  7. He’s trolling. So did Kris tell him to try to say the most ridiculous things ever this time around because the wedding was overshadowed by Beyonce and Jay Z not showing up?

  8. Lord, I really think Kanye needs to stop doing interviews for a while and just enjoy his new wife and baby. The public is not fond of him right now and he should be focused on his next album anyway.

  9. Damn can Kanye become even more self-absorbed? N-gga you ain’t the first black celeb to be in an interracial relationship and I bet you won’t be the last. And normal people do it everyday and have to experience worse than blog comments. Until someone tries to physically assault you for being in an interracial relationship or hang you for it like they did back in the day, shut the f-ck up. You and Kim haven’t been through sh-t. You can read worse stories in the news easily. Folks have been through more than having to fight for a damn Vogue cover that didn’t even sell well.

  10. I wouldn’t like them if they were both black. They’re just annoying people really. Just not likable.

    1. Is it wrong that I want to revoke his black card? I’ve never in my life seen another black man act like him before. It’s shameful that he’s even supposedly a rep of us black folks.

  11. Ok if his next album is trash, I am completely withdrawing my support. I’m tired of him trying to shove Kim down our throats every chance he gets. Like just chill out and stop trying to make people love her. We don’t like her and we don’t have to. Get over it.

  12. Kanye!,Kanye!,Kanye! please just shut the hell up with this stupid explanation. Here he goes once again proving he loves what Kim represents and external factors rather than what’s important. Kanye is in lust not love. This marriage doesn’t have a chance in hell.

  13. ““I can’t be with any girl but Kim because that’s the girl I look at her pictures the most and I get turned on the most.” – This doesn’t sound like a man who married for love. Very superficial.

    1. I picked up on that too!! He married this woman because of her looks, not conversation, not her personality, not because they are equally yoked but because of how she looks!! If you aren’t a fan of her personality then how do you expect anyone else to like her?

  14. This is offensive because there are interracial couples who go through a lot worse to be together! Shut up Kanye!

  15. Poor Kim and Kanye. They have to go through so much, so much just to be together. Fighting for their Vogue cover, not being friends with A list stars and paying the media to ruin the more respected couple. The horror…*ends sarcasm*

  16. I wish Kanye would shut up about his rich people problems. All Kanye and Kim care about is hanging out with the cool kids. They have no substance or common sense. There’s way more to life.

  17. Someone needs to shove some Imodium down Kanye ‘ s freakin throat so he could stop running off at the damn mouth. Enough already!

  18. Kanye doesn’t even believe this himself. He’s just saying anything to get a rise out of people. Don’t forget he is a full fledged Kardashian now. Don’t fall for it folks. Just keep it moving.

  19. The divorce will be a hot mess. These two are going to try their hardest to take out each other. Why doesn’t Kanye understand that Kim doesn’t know how to love anyone but fame and money?

  20. *sighs* People didn’t like him or Kim when they weren’t together. What did he expect to change?

  21. What is his problem? Neither one of them has real problems! Kim’s biggest obstacle in her life was not getting a Vogue cover or getting into the Met Ball. And Kanye’s biggest problem is not being liked by the fashion elite. Those are not real problems! I’m sick of him crying and complaining about trivial issues when people are really struggling out here!

  22. Meanwhile Kim is already mapping out who her next husband will be and what year she will make her exit from this fool. Kanye, Kanye, Kanye. You just don’t know what’s ahead.

  23. Kanye cares way too much about what people think. If he wanted to become a power couple and be loved, he should have picked someone else to be with. Kim is easily one of the most hated celebs out and has been for years. There’s nothing she can do to change that because it’s hard for people to root for anyone who did nothing but lay on their back to become rich and famous. He wanted her, now he has her. Be quiet and accept even a Vogue cover can’t make her classy or well loved.

  24. So them being despised has nothing to do with the fact that he pretty much became someone everyone hated after the Taylor Swift thing and Kim has been hated since she played Kris Humphries? Oh. Ok.

  25. I’m confident they get backlash because neither one of them is likable. Oh and they are very materialistic and vain douche bags.

  26. Poor Kanye, he just wants everyone to like him and his wife, and no one was every checking for both of them. What a suckie baby, no one cares that it’s a interaccial relationship, wasn’t Amber the same, no one cares, society is past that, we just can’t stand his rants and Kim and her media craze. They just wanna be so important , why I don’t know, Go stay married and be in love, so what if no one is checking for y’all.

  27. Kanye lives in a world of delusion. I don’t take him seriously anymore and no one else should either. Just enjoy the music. LOL.

  28. This isnt about an interracial relationship, Both Kanye and Kim are insecure. He thought getting with Kim would make people envy him but it back fired.

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